Etisalat Packages, Recharge, Customer Care Number, Balance Share

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Etisalat is a leading telecommunication company in the UAE that offers the best calls, broadband, and internet connectivity services in the UAE. It is a leading name that has narrowed the gap between individuals in the UAE and abroad. If you are an Etisalat user, here is a complete guide about everything you need to know. Learn about Etisalat daily and monthly packages, how to recharge, share balance, customer care number, check balance, and more.

Etisalat Packages | Call and Internet

Etisalat offers daily, weekly, and monthly call and internet packages that allow users to stay connected with the outside world. There are various packages that users can subscribe to easily according to their usage requirements and budgets. Below are all the Etisalat Internet Packages for daily, weekly, and monthly use.

Price Data per Day Data Validity
AED 2.5 75 MB 75 MB 1 Day
AED 4.2 150 MB 150 MB 1 Day
AED 8 250 MB 250 MB 1 Day
AED 15 500 MB 500 MB 1 Day
AED 30 1 GB 1 GB 1 Day
AED 15 75 MB 525 MB 7 Days
AED 25 150 MB 1.05 GB 7 Days
AED 40 250 MB 1.75 GB 7 Days
AED 60 500 MB 3.5 GB 7 Days
AED 100 1 GB 7 GB 7 Days
AED 42 75 MB 2.1 GB 28 Days
AED 63 150 MB 4.2 GB 28 Days
AED 90 250 MB 7 GB 28 Days
AED 130 500 MB 14 GB 28 Days
AED 200 1 GB 28 GB 28 Days

How to Subscribe to Etisalat Internet Packages?

To subscribe to Etisalat internet packages, you can use two methods:

  • Dial *101# and follow the instructions to choose your required package.
  • Use My Etisalat UAE app

How to Get Unlimited Data on Etisalat?

Etisalat also offers stand-alone unlimited data plans that allow you to use internet services without the restriction of data limit. Here are some famous unlimited data plans on Etisalat:

Plan Price Data  Validity Flexi Minutes Activation Code
Etisalat Prepaid Nonstop Data Plan AED 50 Unlimited *135*5#
Super 1 Hour AED 3 Unlimited  1 hour *800*5#
Super 3 Hours AED 6 Unlimited  3 hours *800*5#
Etisalat Visitor Line Unlimited AED 319 Unlimited  14 Days 300 minutes *101#

How to Check Etisalat Balance?


If you are not sure about the remaining balance or data in your account, Etisalat allows you to check your balance and remaining data easily.

The simplest way to do this is to use the My Etisalat UAE app.

Or, you can use the following Etisalat Balance check codes:

  • Check Etisalat Prepaid balance: Dial *121#
  • Postpaid Balance check: Dial *142#
  • Data Balance Check: Dial *170# or *101# Or you can also send “DATA” to 1010.

Etisalat Data and Balance Share

It is a convenient telecom operator in the UAE that offers convenience to all. If you or any of your friends get short of data balance and credit in your account, the company allows the users to share balance and data to other Etisalat accounts. The options available to the users are:

  • Data Balance Transfer
  • Local Credit Transfer
  • International Credit Transfer

How to check Etisalat SIM Number?

To check the Etisalat SIM Number, you can use two methods:

  • Via SIM Code
  • Thorugh My Etisalat UAE App

Via SIM Code

Follow the method to check the Etisalat SIM Number:

  • Dial *101#
  • Press 1 to open Account Management
  • Then press 3
  • Again dial 3 to choose “Know My Number”
  • Your number will be right in front of you in a pop-up message.

Through My Etisalat App

Follow the guidelines to check the Etisalat number using the App:

  • Install My Etisalat UAE app and login
  • As soon as you log in, The SIM card owner and contact number will be available on the screen.

Etisalat Customer Care Number


To contact Etisalat Customer care representative, dial 101 for free service.

Other ways to contact are:

  • Email
  • Fax From inside the UAE: 105
  • From outside the UAE: +971 400444105
  • Website


Which country owns Etisalat?

Etisalat has its headquarters in Abu Dhabi with operations mainly in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Egypt, Morocco, etc.

What type of company is Etisalat?

Etisalat is a telecom provider in UAE that provides communication infrastructure to individuals and organizations by serving calls, text messages, internet, and broadband services.

Who is the CEO of Etisalat?

The CEO of Etisalat is Hatem Dowidar.