Etisalat Daily Data Packages | 1-Day Data Bundle

Duaa Naeem

Etisalat daily data packages

Etisalat is a reputable telecom provider in UAE regions that facilitates users with speedy internet and uninterrupted phone services. Etisalat Daily Data Packages are highly beneficial for the users as a 1-day data bundle helps the users stay connected to the internet on the go in the UAE. Along with Daily bundles, Etisalat also offers convenient Monthly data packages and unlimited Etisalat internet packages. However, this article centres around Etisalat Daily Data Packages along with their features and activation codes.

Features of Etisalat Daily Data Packages

Before subscribing to Daily Data bundles from Etisalat, you should know the following things:

  • 1-data data bundles are auto-renewable, so you don’t have to worry about dialling the activation codes now and then.
  • The Everyday Data Bundles by Etisalat are available for Prepaid Users.
  • Data is provided for 24 hours and renewed every midnight.
  • If you have not consumed all your daily data, the remaining data balance will not be added to the bundle the following day.
  • If you have consumed all the Etisalat daily data, you can subscribe to a new package because multiple subscriptions are allowed.
  • 1-Day Data PAckages by Etisalat are divided into local data and social data options.

Etisalat Local Daily Data Bundles

Local data offers data plans for users that allow them to use any internet site in the UAE. It is available to use social apps as well as video streaming and web browsing for 1 day. The Daily Local Data Bundles start from AED 2.5 to AED 30 for 75 MB up to 1 GB of data. Below are Etisalat Daily Local Data Bundles:

  • 75 MB Pack in AED 2.5
  • 150 MB Pack in AED 4.2
  • 250 MB Pack in AED 8
  • 500 MB Pack in AED 15
  • 1 GB Pack in AED 30

Etisalat 75 MB Pack

Price: AED 2.5

Local Data Per Day: 75 MB

Validity: 24 hours

Activation Code: *101# or use My Etisalat UAE App

Etisalat 150 MB Pack

Price: AED 4.2

Local Data Per Day: 150 MB

Validity: 24 hours

Activation Code: *101# or use My Etisalat UAE App

Etisalat 250 MB Pack

Price: AED 8

Local Data Per Day: 250 MB

Validity: 1 Day

Activation: Dial *101# or use the My Etisalat UAE app

Etisalat 500 MB Pack

Price: AED 15

Local Data Per Day: 500 MB

Validity: 1 Day

Activation: Dial *101# or use My Etisalat app

Etisalat 1 GB Plan

Price: AED 30

Local Data per day: 1 GB

Validity: 1 Day

Activation: Dial *101# or use My Etisalat App

Etisalat Social Daily Data Bundles

The social data bundles are useful for those who need to stay connected to others through social media apps. Social data allows users to use social sites like WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, Snapchat, WeChat, Twitter, Instagram, and others. The Daily social Etisalat plans start at AED 2.5 and go up to AED 4 for 150 MB up to 250 MB per day.

Social 150 MB Pack

Price: AED 2.5

Social Data: 150 MB

Validity: 1 Day

Subscription Code: *101#

Etisalat Daily Social 250 MB Plan

Price: AED 4

Social Data: 250 MB

Validity: 1 Day

Subscription code: *101#


These are all the Etisalat daily data packages offered by the company to use local as well as social data according to your use. These are auto-renewable packages so you can have them subscribed for as long as you want without needing to dial subscription codes every day. If you want to use unlimited internet data for one day, choose any suitable bundle from the list of unlimited data packages on Etisalat.