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Du eid free data

DU is a leading telecommunication service provider in the UAE. It offers excellent services in the communication sector and facilitates users with convenient call and du data bundles. So, with DU stay connected in every nook and corner of UAE. this coming Eif-ul-fitr, DU has announced DU Eid free data so users can stay connected with their loved ones without worrying about spending their credit. So, if you want to enjoy free data on Eid with DU, read this article till the end.

DU Eid Free Data Offers

DU’s list of free data offers on Eid is not only limited to SIM card users only. You can get discounts and free data on home broadband subscriptions, internet devices, and Wifi. So, take a closer look at the Eid offers:

  • Home Wireless offer
  • Speed Boost for DU Home
  • Power Plans
  • Devices offer
  • Shahid VIP | SPorts
  • Umrah Bundle
  • Special Numbers
  • 10% off on select Power Plans

Home Wireless Offer

With the DU Home Wireless offer, avail 20% off on wireless plans of over AEd 299. This allows you to stream your Wireless Entertainment for 6 months after subscription. This offer is limited to new customers and for the period of Ramadan. If someone avails it, they can enjoy the perks till after 6 months.

Speed Boost for DU Home

This Eid, enjoy high-speed internet at a discounted rate with Speed Boost for DU Home and du Home light plans. This offer is a gift from DU as it is completely free of charge and your existing speed will automatically be boosted.

Note: the offer will last only till the 14th of April and it will return to normal speed after the end of this offer.

Power Plans

Power Plan allows the users to enjoy free Eid data of up to AED 225 over a period of 3 months. So, get a new post-paid plan, switch your number to DU or switch from prepaid to post-paid SIM, you are eligible for this offer on any Power Plan of 200 AED or above.

Device Offer

Get your DU Devices and avail of DU free Eid data offers up to 300 GB. This offer is applicable on buying new 5G devices along with a Power Plan 200 or above under a 12 to 24-month contract period.

Shahid VIP | Sports

DU offers free access to Shahid VIP and Sports Entertainment for users in UAE. This offer is to facilitate family entertainment by opting for Power Plan 300 or above, Home Entertainment or Home Fiber. It will give you 12 months of free access to Shahid VIP and SPorts for unlimited entertainment. Activate this offer by going to the DU app or website.

Umrah Bundle

Stay connected with your loved ones during Umrah through the DU Umrah bundle. This offer is valid for a 10-day period in which you get unlimited data for only AED 199.

10% off on Selected Power Plans

This 10% off on Selected Power Plans is one of the DU Eid Free Data Offers that is limited to new users or subscribers of Power Plan who can enjoy the discount for the 6-month period. This offer can be subscribed to through du.ae or du App.