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DU Internet Packages

Take a look at the best DU Internet Packages 2023

The Internet has become an essential part of our daily lives. The Internet is crucial whether it is work, study, or communication with friends and family. So, if you are in UAE and a subscriber, you can have some of the best dU internet packages 2023 for daily, weekly, monthly, 12-month, and 24-month use. From various internet bundles by du, postpaid and prepaid, users can choose their options like du monthly 25 AEd, 35 AEd, and 50 AEd monthly packages.

du Data Packages for Prepaid Users

DU Internet Packages

Prepaid dU users must recharge their DU account balance before using it. And what’s better than simply activating the desired DU data bundles? You can use the subscription codes below or my data. Du. a portal on your phone. We have gathered some of the best prepaid data bundles by du.

DU daily social data Package

The social data allows access to social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more. All these prices are inclusive of tax.

Data LimitPriceValidityActivation Code
120 MBAED 2.11 Day *135#5#3#2#
200 MBAED 3.151 Day*135#5#3#2#
300 MB AED 4.21 Day *135#5#3#2#

DU Daily Data-Only Plans

The DU data only offers for one day are:

Data LimitPriceValidityActivation Code
60 MBAED 2.11 Day *135#5#3#1#
100 MBAED 3.151 Day*135#5#3#2#
150 MB AED 4.21 Day *135#5#3#2#

Daily Flexi plan

Data LimitFlexi minutesValidityPriceActivation Code
30 MB2 minutes1 Day AED 3.15*135*3#1#

Daily Unlimited Plan

Data LimitValidityPriceActivation Code
Unlimited Data1 Hour AED 3*222#
Unlimited Data2 hoursAED 5*222#

DU Monthly Plans

DU Internet Packages

Rather than wasting your time every day on activating daily data plans, you can go for DU Monthly internet packages of your own choice.

Data LimitSocial DataPriceValidityActivation Code
160 MB160 MBAED 21One monthSend ‘Data AED 21’ to 1355
200 MB200 MBAED 251 MonthSend ‘Data AED 25’ to 1355
500 MB500 MBAED 551 MonthSend ‘Data AED 55’ to 1355
1.1 GB 1.1GBAED 1101 Month Send ‘Data AED 110’ to 1355
5 GB5 GB AED 2101 MonthSend ‘Data AED 210’ to 1355
25 GB25 GBAED 5251 MonthSend ‘Data AED 525’ to 1355


DU Prepaid Monthly Flexi Bundles


PriceDataFlexi MinsValidity
AED 492 GB30 min28 Days
AED 592 GB60 min28 Days
AED 692 GB90 min28 Days
AED 794 GB30 min28 Days
AED 894 GB60 min28 Days
AED 994 GB90 min28 Days
AED 996 GB30 min28 Days
AED 1096 GB60 min28 Days
AED 1196 GB90 min28 Days

DU Yearly 12-month Prepaid plans

You can find yearly data plans on the DU portal and DU app. You can easily subscribe to those plans for a 12-month internet subscription. 

DataFlexi minutesPrice per monthPrice per year
2 GB30 minutesAED 24.5AED 318.5
4 GB30 minutesAED 39.5AED 513.5
6 GB30 minutesAED 49.5AED 643.5

DU Postpaid Internet Packages

The postpaid users can also subscribe to monthly, 12-month, and 24-month internet packages. However, the subscription codes are different for postpaid network users. 

DU Monthly Data Bundles 

DataMinutesPriceValiditySubscription code
160MBAED 201 MonthSend ‘Data 160 MBA R’ to 1355
1 GBAED 501 MonthSend ‘Data 1 GBA R’ to 1355
3 GBAED 1001 MonthSend ‘Data 3 GBA R’ to 1355
6 GBAED 1501 MonthSend ‘Data 6 GBA R’ to 1355
10GBAED 2001 MonthSend ‘Data 10 GBA R’ to 1355
40GBAED 5001 MonthSend ‘Data 40 GBA R’ to 1355
1 GB600 MinutesAED 1501 MonthSend “ACT NAT phone number” to 1233
2 GB1200 minutesAED 2501 MonthSend “ACT NAT phone number” to 1233
4 GB2400 minutesAED 4501 MonthSend “ACT NAT phone number” to 1233
10 GB5000 minutesAED 10001 MonthSend “ACT NAT phone number” to 1233

PostPaid Yearly plans

3 GB600 minutesAED 150
12 GB1200 minutes300 minutes to 1 numberAED 250
18 GB2400 minutes600 minutes to 2 numbersAED 450
50 GB5000 minutes1000 minutes to 3 numbersAED 1000

If you have subscribed to any of these packages, look at how to check your data balance. You can visit DU’s official page for more information about the internet Packages. You might also like