How to Transfer Balance From Etisalat to Etisalat?

Duaa Naeem

How to transfer balance from Etisalat to Etisalat

Etisalat is one of the best telecommunication service providers in the UAE that offers services for personal, residential and professional uses. So, get in touch with Etisalat to enjoy fast internet and communication services with SIM services, mobile data, Broadband, and other services. If you are in UAE and you find yourself or any of your close ones short of Etisalat credit, Etisalat offers the services of balance sharing to the users. To know more about how to transfer balance from Etisalat to Etisalat including local and international credit transfer and data balance transfer, read this article till the end.

Etisalat Credit and Data Transfer Options

Etisalat is a convenient telecom provider that provides various credit and data balance transfer options to users. The options available to the users are:

  • Data Balance Transfer
  • Local Credit Transfer
  • International Credit Transfer

Etisalat Data Balance Transfer

Can’t get a top-up anywhere and truly need to use the internet? Etisalat has got you covered. All you need is someone to share data balance with you. This Etisalat Data Balance Transfer service is available for both prepaid and postpaid users so you can transfer your balance from Etisalat to Etisalat in UAE.


Some of the features of Etisalat Data Sharing services are:

  • Fast and easy
  • Can transfer credit in multiples of 100 MB
  • There is no data-sharing limit in prepaid connections
  • Post-paid users can only share up to 5 GB
  • The transfer fee is AED 3 per 100 MB shared
  • For prepaid users, the fee is deducted from their account balance.
  • For postpaid users, the fee is added to the monthly bill.
  • You can only transfer data 5 times per month from the Etisalat Internet packages of 1 GB or above.
  • The transferred data is available for use for only 10 days.

How to Transfer Data Balance?

You can share Etisalat data using three methods:

Method 1

Use My Etisalat UAE app

Method 2

  • Dial #100*Receiver-Number*Data-in-MB#.

For example Dial #100*05XXXXXXXX*1000#

Method 3

Dial *100#

Etisalat Local Credit Transfer

How to transfer balance from Etisalat to Etisalat

You can transfer your local credit balance from Etisalat to Etisalat prepaid and post-paid account users. So you can transfer balance with your friends and family.

Transfer Limit and Transfer Fee

Postpaid users can transfer a minimum of AED 2 and a maximum of AED 150 daily and a maximum of AED 500 per month.

Prepaid users can transfer a minimum of AED 2, a maximum of AED 150 per day and a maximum of AED 1,500 per month.

Credit transfer Min. amount Daily max. Monthly max.
Postpaid AED 2 AED 150 AED 500
Prepaid AED 2 AED 150 AED 1,500

All transfers charge a fixed fee of 5.25% (5% VAT included). So, if a user transfers AED 100 to another Etisalat account, a balance of AED 105.25 will be deducted from his account and AED 100 will be transferred to the other.

How to Transfer Local Credit?

To transfer the local balance from one Etisalat account to another Etisalat account, follow one of the two methods.

Method 1

Use My Etisalat UAE app

Method 2

Dial *100*Mobile Number* amount to be transferred#

For instance, your message should look like *100*05xxxxxxxx*5#

International Credit Transfer

Etisalat users can transfer their balance/  credit from their mobile phone to any overseas prepaid number to their loved ones. It is suitable for visitors in UAE who hold an Etisalat prepaid account with an easy and convenient method. You can do international Etisalat credit transfers through your phone and with low transaction fees.

How to Transfer International Credit?

Method 1: 

Use My Etisalat UAE app to transfer your balance to any international prepaid account.

Method 2: 

Text the international prepaid number to 1700.


Etisalat does not charge any fee on the message to request for international transactions. However, the transaction fee, itself, depends upon the amount of credit and destination country. The details about the fee will be sent to you via a responding text message.


These are the ways how to transfer balance from Etisalat to Etisalat. this way you can enjoy sharing data balance, local data, and international data from one account to the other. The recipients of the credit/ balance receive a message regarding the shared balance.