FAB Ratibi Salary Card

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FAB Ratibi Salary Card

FAB bank account comes with lots of good things and advantages, and one of them is the Ratibi Salary Card. This card is like a plan that helps pay workers who earn up to AED 5,000. These workers get their pay transferred directly onto the card, so they don’t need a bank account to handle their finances. I have written this article as a guide on how to check the FAB bank balance of your Ratibi card. 

FAB Ratibi Salary Card

FAB Ratibi Salary Card is a salary payroll solution designed specifically for the convenience of people. This card is a perfect companion in your financial journey. Check out this article to better understand the FAB Ratibi Card and its plus points. 

Benefits of Ratibi Card

Some of the benefits of possessing this card are as follows; 

  • You get complimentary text messages when you get your salary.
  • You can use these cards at ATMs and online and offline shopping. This is useful for the facility and its users.
  • You can use them anywhere with Visa/Mastercard networks.
  • Ratibi cardholders can get help from First Abu Dhabi Bank’s call centre anytime.
  • People with Ratibi cards can make their own “PIN” at FAB ATMs.
  • It follows the rules of the UAE government (Wage Protection System).

Ratibi Card Check 

The whole process to check your Ratibi card balance is given in this article. So, if you don’t want to miss anything, keep up with us till the end. First, we have provided below the process of doing it online. 

Ratibi Salary Card Balance Check Online Process

  • First, go to the official online FAB portal and log in by typing in the required information.
  • Go to “Check your Balance” and click on the Ratibi Prepaid Card Balance Inquiry
  • This will take you directly to your ATM balance inquiry page. 
  • Enter the required information there, like your card’s last two digits and Card ID number.
  • Click the ‘Go’ button, and there you go, your card balance amount written in the centre.

FAB Bank Balance Check

You can choose this option if you do not want to check your balance online. Check your Ratibi Salary Card Balance at any ATM 24/7. The process to do so is given below;

  • You can go to any ATM nearby.
  • Put your card in the ATM, and a screen asking you to enter your PIN code will appear. 
  • After getting access, you will be asked to choose from options like cash withdrawal, deposit, and balance check.
  • Choose the balance option, which will take you to your account balance.  

Ratibi Card Balance Check Through FAB Mobile App

You can also check your salary card balance through the FAB mobile app. Download and install the FAB Mobile and follow the instructions to check your card balance.

How to Activate FAB Salary Card?

Visit your nearest FAB branch, complete the required forms, and provide the necessary documents. Follow the process as per the instructions of the bank attendant. Choose your desired card design, and your FAB Ratibi Salary Card will be issued immediately. 

FAB Ratibi Salary Card

What is a Ratibi Salary Card?

This prepaid debit card by FAB is made for the convenience of salaried individuals. This card simplifies access to your salary, and managing your finances becomes convenient. FAB Ratibi Card accommodates the needs of salaried individuals. So, deal with your FAB bank balance in a hassle-free mode. 

What is NBAD?

FAB was previously known as NBAD Bank. However, they are the same banks owned by the same group.