How to Get Unlimited DU Data?

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Unlimited DU Data

Get to know About Unlimited DU Data packages.

Unlimited DU Data

Why keep counting on your remaining data when you can subscribe to an unlimited DU Data package? DU offers several offers, like DU monthly data for one day, Du monthly complete data, or subscribing to a box of AED 35. Here, you can find all the details to enjoy unlimited internet on DU for 1-day, 1-month, or 12-month contracts. Keep reading this article until the end to free you from the worries of resubscribing your packages.

Let’s find out about daily, monthly, or yearly unlimited data.

DU Daily Data Packages

You can subscribe to unlimited Du Data packages  at 3 Mbps Max speed as follows:

Complete Data for 1 hour

  • Validity: 1 hour
  • Cost: AED 3
  • Activation Code: *222#

Comprehensive Data for 2 hours

  • Validity: 2 hours
  • Cost: AED 5
  • Activation Code: *222#

DU Monthly Unlimited Data

Unlimited DU Data

You can subscribe to the DU AED 35 monthly data package to enjoy the Monthly Unlimited Offer.


  • Data: Unlimited
  • Validity: 1 month
  • Activation Code: *055#, then type 2 to get Non-Stop Data.
  • Speed: 192 Kbps. However, the rate will reduce after using 155MB.

Unlimited DU Data

100 GB DU Data

You can get a 100GB du Data offer by signing up on the DU app or Mu Account DU Web Portal at my data. Du. Ae 100GB DU Data offers 100GB data, 1000 flexi minutes, a free smartphone and a gold number for AED 1000 for a 24-month contract.

How Can I Get 51 GB DU Data?

You cannot get 51GB DU Data now as it was only a promotional package offered by DU on National Independence Day 2022. The box provided free 51GBs to the users on the 51st National Independence of UAE.