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Check Du Balance

DU is a fast telecom service in the UAE that provides customers telephone, wired and broadband services. If you are looking for a data recharge, here you will get the answer to how to load data on DU. Moreover, you can also get to know about popular DU data packages like DU unlimited data for one day, DU monthly data package of 25 AED, and more. In case you are wondering how to check Du Balance, we have got you covered in this guide that focuses on DU Telecom Data Packages in UAE.

You can get a DU data recharge or a data package according to your requirements. 

How To Recharge Data in DU?

If you are getting low on DU data balance and want to get DU data recharge, you can choose various methods. Here is how to recharge data on DU:

  • Quick Recharge from Online Web Portal
  • My account Auto Recharge
  • DU App
  • Scratch cards, e-vouchers, and easy top-up options
  • Payment Machines
  • Credit transfers

How do I recharge my data on DU sim using the Online web portal?

  • Go to the official DU Web portal at
  • Enter your contact number to log in. 
  • After logging in, you can use your debit or credit card to recharge your DU account and load data on DU sim.

My Account Auto Recharge

DU Telecom also allows DU data auto recharge. Enable this option on your DU account, which will automatically be recharged when low. This service frees the users of the inconveniences of recharging again and again. 

DU App 

Just like you use the DU Web Portal using a website, you can also download the DU Mobile App on Android or iPhone. After downloading the app, you can use the same procedure of du data recharge as in the online web portal.

Scratch cards, e-vouchers, and easy top-up options

DU provides an easy top-up opportunity for prepaid users through scratch cards or e-vouchers. These scratch cards vary from AEd 25 to AEd 525. 

  • Simply scratch the card to reveal the code. 
  • Then open your dialer and dial *135*scratch code#
  • Your account will be topped up. 

Payment machines

Almost 92 payment machines are available in the UAE in different stores, allowing customers to load DU data balances. 

Credit Transfer

You can directly transfer credit from one du account to the other by following this procedure:

  • Open your phone’s dialer.
  • Type *121*
  • Enter recipients number
  • Enter amount
  • Press # 
  • Your command should look like this: 121 *055xxxxxxx*amount#
  • Press 1 to confirm the order and 2 to cancel.

Hopefully, these methods will answer your question about recharging my data in DU.

Get 100GB Data on DU 

The DU 1000 plan gives you 100GB of Data, 2500 flexi minutes, a smartphone, and a gold number. All of this comes per month on a 24-month contract. The 100GB DU data plan costs AED 1000. For 100GB DU Data, you can sign up on the online DU Web Portal. So, rather than load data on DU, you can use this 100 GB DU Data and communicate freely over the years.

DU Data Offers

You can load data on DU, but another carefree way of using your mobile network is to use any DU data offer codes to get daily, weekly, or monthly plans. DU data offers call, SMS or internet packages for smooth connectivity throughout the UAE.

What is the Code for DU Data Offer?

Du data offer code is a shortcode that can subscribe to different packages. The DU data offers are available for prepaid and postpaid users to choose from according to their requirements. Here are some of the best DU data offer codes that will give you internet according to your data usage requirements:

DU 160 MB package

  • Limit: 160MB Monthly data
  • Cost: AED 20
  • Code: SMS Data 160 MBA R to 1335

DU 6 GB package

  • Limit: 6 GB
  • Cost: AED 150
  • Code: SMS 6GBA R to 1355

DU 40 GB package

  • Limit: 40 GB 
  • Cost: AED 500
  • Code: SMS Data 40GBA R to 1355