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DU monthly data package 55 AED

DU is one of the best telecom companies in the UAE. Both prepaid and postpaid consumers can choose from a number of plans. Considering that there are numerous daily, weekly, and monthly data packages. But if you want to get an inexpensive, unlimited data package at the greatest price. The AED 55 monthly plan with ample data is the right choice for you. I’ll demonstrate the speed quota, bundle deactivation, validity, and many other things today. DU monthly data package 55 AED details is given below:


DU Monthly Data Package 55 AED 

Get an unlimited monthly non-stop data subscription for just 50 AED (VAT included). Call the call button while entering *135*5# to activate the bundle. DU will send a confirmation text for the 55 AED package (non-stop data bundle) following successful activation. By dialing *135*5# and following the on-screen instructions, you can choose to deactivate or unsubscribe from the fifty AD DU one-month data plan at any time.

  • DU Package: 55 AED (Non-stop data bundle)
  • Validity: 1 month
  • Data: Unlimited
  • Activation Code: *135*5#
  • Deactivation Code: *135*5#

Speed Quota for AED 55 Package

Just so you know, DU will provide up to 192kbps speed for the daily 150MB of data. The only reasonable usage after that is unlimited data consumption at 72 kbps download speed. However, other than the speed’s reasonable usage limit, there are no restrictions.

Will the 55 AED monthly data plan renew automatically?

The package (non-stop data bundle for 1 month for 50 AED) will indeed automatically renew in accordance with DU. But you can cancel your subscription to the bundle whenever you choose by calling *135*5# and following the prompts on your screen. By doing this, you can prevent your DU sim card from automatically renewing the 50 AED monthly data package.
Remember that DU’s offer in the UAE is only available for a short time. DU is the only owner of the package, and they are free to terminate it whenever they want or raise the price as much as they like.
However, we’ll keep you guys informed of any further updates.