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DU monthly data package 35 AED

Data Package for One Month for 35 AED To Activate – Do you dislike having to renew your data plan on a regular basis because your phone’s data plan is continuously running out? Are you fed up with having to pay for using more data than what you had originally purchased? DU monthly unlimited data bundle, available for just 35 AED, will take care of all your needs, so stop worrying! DU monthly data package 35 AED details is given below:


Let me break it down for you. With DU monthly unlimited data package, you can say goodbye to all your data worries. You can now surf the internet, stream your favorite movies and shows, and even video call your friends and family without having to constantly check how much data you have left.

For people who use a lot of data each month, DU monthly unlimited data bundle is a great choice. You won’t have to be concerned about running out of data when using this bundle to surf the internet, stream movies and TV shows, or even make video conversations. We will discuss the Du monthly data bundle and how to activate it in this article.

What is DU Monthly Data Package 35 AED?

An affordable mobile data bundle is available from Du, one of the top telecommunications providers in the United Arab Emirates. It costs 35 AED per month.

Users who purchase this package will receive one month of unlimited bandwidth for just 35 AED. With this subscription, consumers may use social networking apps, stream films and music, make video chats, and surf the internet without having to worry about going over their data limit or paying extra.



How to Activate it?

Using the du monthly data package 35 AED code makes it simple to activate DU monthly unlimited data subscription. Simply dial *055# from your Du mobile number, then press 3 and 1 to begin.

Alternately, you can activate the bundle by going to any nearby Du store or using the Du app.


Let’s now discuss the advantages of the Du monthly unlimited data plan. With this service, you can use as much data as you like for one entire month at 192 kbps. But after you go over 155 megabytes, the speed will start to slow down. That only applies for one day; the following day, the speed will return to normal.
That means you won’t have to stress about running out of data mid-video conversation or mid-stream of your favorite programme. A smooth internet experience is another benefit of DU quick and dependable network.
Additionally, with DU monthly unlimited data plan, you can use selected social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram without using any data, as well as play music for free on Anghami.