DU monthly data package 25 AED and 30 AED

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DU monthly package 25 AED

The most widely used prepaid plan in the Emirates is the DU monthly data bundle, which costs 25 AED. As we all know, one of the largest mobile operators in the UAE, Du, has launched three affordable prepaid bundles that include Flexi minutes and data. DU monthly data packages 25 & 30 AED details is given below:

DU Monthly Data Package 25 

The ”DU monthly data package 25 AED” is the name of the least expensive prepaid package. The young and tourists prefer it since they may obtain continuous conversation data utilizing well-known chat apps like WhatsApp and Viber. This package also includes 35 flexible minutes.

The cost is 25 AED, and the bundle is valid for one month. The free minutes available to subscribers can be used to call local or international numbers.

How to Activate DU Monthly Data Package 25 AED?

Dial SSD code *135*250# on your dialing pad once it is active. Then register for the package according to the recorded instructions. You’ll receive a confirmation SMS when the mentioned bundle is activated.

Deactivation of Data Package

There is no need to utilize any deactivation codes because it is a one-time monthly package. Until you reactivate it, it won’t be renewed.

DU monthly data package 30 AED

DU monthly data package 25 & 30 AED

For any form of national use, you can easily obtain 1GB of data for 30 days. The package is available for just AED 30.00. Use the official DU UAE app to get the 30.00 AED 1GB data bundle for 30 days, or dial *135# and touch the call button. Follow the directions on your screen after dialing *135#.
Reminder: the latest cost is AED 55.00.