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Victoria English School

Victoria English School


Are you a keen parent looking for a perfect learning experience in Sharjah? You may come across many schools all around the city but it is important to consider one that is among the best options available in the town. One popular name is the Victoria English School, which is making its mark in the world of learning and grooming young brains for a better and prosperous future ahead. The school started rendering academic services back in 1996 with an aim to provide excellence in academics and life skills development. Today students coming from more than 65 countries are enjoying the best student life here on this campus and looking forward to a prosperous future ahead.


  • Introduction
  • Academics & Curriculum
  • Student Life & Development
  • Facilities & Resources
  • Admissions & Fees
  • FAQ
  • Conclusion

Academics & Curriculum

The school’s academic program aims to build potential in the students to explore the world around them and reach the highest levels in the days to come. To help out the students several learning approaches are in use. Besides the core academic subjects the get the opportunity to learn Arabic, and build up the skills and abilities related to critical thinking and research skills. The academic plan follows local, British, or IGCSE curriculums. The balanced curriculum and co-curricular activities allow holistic development.

Student Life & Development

Victoria English School

The school focuses on developing skills that can help the students in the future and therefore the institution focuses on multicultural exposure, teacher mentoring, and collaboration. Together these factors help in building the essential elements of the personality like building confidence and global citizenship. Students get ample opportunities to uplift their individual personalities. Clubs, sports, and projects are some activities that students love to be part of. The teachers are not merely the ones helping the students to learn the books. They are great mentors who help build strong relationships to uplift the personality of the students.

Facilities & Resources

Victoria English School
The campus offers a student-friendly environment. It has spacious, technology-enabled classrooms. Students get a chance to learn in fully equipped labs for science and IT, and a rich resource source in the shape of libraries. The fun time and skill development is possible by offering facilities like art and music rooms. Health activities are encouraged by setting up a swimming pool, football field, gymnasium, and tennis courts. Resources include laptops, smart classes, science labs, and online learning platforms. Parents have little to worry about the safety and security of the students as the campus has restricted access and surveillance.

Admissions & Fees

Admissions are merit-based, with assessments to gauge students’ capabilities. Required documents include previous academic records, entrance exam results, and interviews. The fees range from AED 23,500 to 42,450 based on the grade. Limited scholarships and financial aid options are available. The process commences in Q4 for the next academic year.


Where is Victoria English School located?

Victoria English School is conveniently located in Sharjah, UAE with address – PO Box 25549, Sharjah, UAE.

What are the tuition fees?

The fees range from AED 23,500 to 42,450 depending on the grade. Limited financial aid is available.

What are the admission requirements?

Admissions are merit-based, needing previous academic records, entrance exams, and interview results. The process commences in Q4 for the next academic year.

What facilities are available?

The campus has smart classrooms, science and IT labs, libraries, arts and music rooms, a swimming pool, sports fields, and courts.


Make Victoria English School your partner in shaping your child’s future. Schedule a campus tour to experience the excellent facilities and teaching standards first-hand. Your child’s journey toward lifelong success starts here!