American International School in Abu Dhabi Review: Abu Dhabi’s Leading School

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American International School in Abu Dhabi


  • Introduction
  • History of American International School in Abu Dhabi
  • Address and Location
  • Mission and Vision
  • Admission Process
  • Academics
  • Facilities
  • Reviews of Parents and Students
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Conclusion

American International School in Abu Dhabi

Introduction of American International School in Abu Dhabi

American International School is one of the best schools in Abu Dhabi known for its excellence in teaching and a rich extracurricular program. It is a co-educational school till Primary classes but as per local regulations, is a Gender segregated school in Secondary. It offers education from Kindergarten to Grade 12. AISA is also the first school in Abu Dhabi to offer school to offer Baccalaureate program in Abu Dhabi as per the American standards and curriculum. This review aims to provide a comprehensive overview of American International School in Abu Dhabi, highlighting its commitment to international educational standards, extensive facilities, and reasonable tuition fees.

American International School in Abu Dhabi

Historical Background

Established in 1995, it is one of the longest-established international schools in Abu Dhabi. AISA has experienced remarkable growth over almost three decades. Overall rankings of American International School  have been highly positive. AISA is entirely accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, Philadelphia, PA., and the Council of International Schools (CIS).  The American International School in Abu Dhabi is also licensed by the U.A.E Ministry of Education and is a fully authorized International Baccalaureate World School. The journey of the school from its modest beginnings to becoming one of the best schools in Abu Dhabi is commendable, making it a beacon of Quality American Education excellence in  Abu Dhabi.

American International School in Abu Dhabi

Location of American International School in Abu Dhabi

Located near the United States embassy in Abu Dhabi and situated on the 29th street of Airport Road (opposite Pepsi-Cola Plant), Abu Dhabi, UAE. AISA occupies an easily accessible location within the city. This school offers an open and collaborative atmosphere to students, conducive to innovative learning experiences.

Mission and Vision

The school’s mission is to provide an international curriculum to local and international students residing in Abu Dhabi in a safe and multicultural environment. This environment encourages critical and creative thinkers to be responsible for their society. They provide a balanced and principled environment for open-minded risk-takers and thinkers passionate about education. All these efforts are geared towards helping students achieve success at their own pace and timing.

Admission Process

Admission to AISA involves completing a detailed admission form, which is carefully reviewed by the school’s administration. After the application approval, the students are sent an acceptance email. Then you are required to pay the mandatory non-refundable tuition fee of 2000 AED within 5 working days to secure your seat. The next step is to get the document verification done with the school administration and finalize your admission to AISA.

Academic Approach

American International School follows the American curriculum, designed to demand the best standards in English and Maths. AISA is also an International Baccalaureate school that offers the IB Primary Years Program (PYP) as well as the Diploma Program (DP). The school aims to help students become independent thinkers with devotion to overcoming all kinds of challenges. Students are made to actively engage in their own learning process in order to excel in life while being linked to US standards.


Because of all the facilities provided, the students are eager to come to school every day. AISA provides its students with an extensive range of facilities to enlighten their brains and develop their personalities. A wide range of facilities includes a library, cafeteria, art studios, computer labs, science labs, 2 Swimming pools, 2 gymnasiums, 2 outdoor basketball courts, 2 indoor courts, and a soccer field. The school is definitely quite big in size when compared to other schools in Abu Dhabi. We can see the school’s dedication to extracurricular activities and sports by the above available facilities for students. The school provides quality education to more than 1400 students belonging to 75 nationalities yearly, helping them become better and well-rounded individuals with strong academic and social skills.

Reviews of American International School in Abu Dhabi

“I was one of the OG students from when this school started in 1995.  Some of the absolute best years of my life from teachers, friends, coaches, counselors, principle(s), activities, etc.”

“When I joined this school, I felt like it was heaven. The bathrooms were clean, the teachers cared for students, they made them feel wanted, and they were very welcoming. This school also has amazing projects and presentations. These presentations and projects encourage students to work in teams.“

“My daughter is attending AISA and we couldn’t be happier! This school is amazing! She is excited to go to school every morning while we can be at ease knowing that she is cared for, safe, learning, and happy!”

“AISA is one of the best schools in the region! I love it, lots of friends and a fabulous educational system! Administrators are very supportive and there’s room to improve…Great school definitely.”

American International School in Abu Dhabi

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is the fee at American International School Abu Dhabi?

The approximate fee range in American International School is from 32,950 AED to 59,900 AED per annum.

What is the ranking of American International School Abu Dhabi?

AISA being one of the best schools in the Emirate, ranked #103 in Best Schools in the UAE and #20 in Best Schools in Abu Dhabi.

What are the subjects in American International School Abu Dhabi?

The main subjects at this school include English, Humanities, Math, and Science following the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) from the United States.

How many American schools are there in Abu Dhabi?

Around 21 International schools that follow the American Educational Curriculum are located in Abu Dhabi.


Characterized by its student-focused approach, international curriculum, and emphasis on character development, American International School is regarded as one of the leading schools in Abu Dhabi. Its affordability, diverse student body, and dedication to providing perfect educational experiences make it a perfect choice for parents seeking a comprehensive and holistic educational institute for their children. If you are considering American International School in Abu Dhabi for your child’s education, we recommend visiting the campus after reviewing available feedback about the school to make an informed decision.