Dubai Culture announces Summer Camps in July & August 2024

Dubai Web Desk

DUBAI, UAE: The Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) has announced its Summer Camps organized throughout July and August 2024 across its assets, aiming to broaden the horizons of young participants, encouraging them to discover their various talents and enhance their innovative spirit.

The Camps are part of the authority’s efforts to invest in future generations and align with goals to create a sustainable creative ecosystem that can inspire future generations and enrich knowledge.

The Camps at Al Shindagha Museum, Etihad Museum, and Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood will be held over two weeks, the first from July 15 to 19 and the second from July 22 to 26.

They include activities and events that offer youngsters the opportunity to explore the past, learn about Emirati heritage, and understand the Country’s history and its founding story.

At the Al Shindagha Museum Summer Camp, children will experience the joy of ancestral stories, discovering how they overcame the challenges of the desert climate by innovating wind towers, a staple of Emirati architecture.

The participants will walk through the Al Shindagha Historic Neighbourhood, learning about its unique structural designs.

They will also be taught the importance of teamwork, the traditional method of water transportation using metal cans, and participate in a treasure hunt to identify local plants and age-old fishing methods. The camp will include maritime adventures, showing children pearl diving.

The ‘Trade Challenge’ will introduce them to bartering, and they will create a photo album documenting their Camp time. They will also enjoy a boat trip along Dubai Creek to learn about its historical significance and role in Dubai’s economic development.

At the Etihad Museum Summer Camp, youngsters will embark on a knowledge-rich journey back to 1968, going through UAE geography, customs, and social life, comparing them with the present day.

The camp will highlight significant national achievements over 52 years. Under the theme ‘The Explorer’, activities will include writing letters about their dreams for the UAE’s future and simulating the discussions that led to the Union Agreement.

They will also participate in treasure hunts, learn cultural guiding techniques and museum tour organization, explore the museum’s history, and be informed about the founding fathers and the significant events from 1968 to 1972.

In the Al Fahidi Summer Camp, THE participants will engage in interactive workshops, build small models of Al Fahidi Fort, learn about the types of wells and methods of digging them in the UAE, and understand how to overcome climate challenges.

They will also be educated in knot-tying techniques and experience many adventure-filled tasks.

Al Safa Art and Design Library, Al Rashidiya, Al Twar, Umm Suqeim, Al Mankhool, and Hatta Public Libraries will host the Dubai Public Library Summer Camp over two weeks.

The first period runs from July 15 to 26 and the second from August 5 to 16.

The camp, themed ‘Our Summer is Full of Arts and Innovation,’ includes a collection of interactive workshops introducing ages 5 to 9 to innovative farming techniques, sustainable farm creation methods, and robot control in smart farm management.

Children aged 9 to 14 will be given instruction in smart city building methods including using recycled materials, innovative urban planning techniques, and smart system types. They will additionally participate in drawing and colouring murals inspired by the Smart Farm & City track under the guidance of artists Najat Makki, Magdy Al Kafrawi, and Rabab Tantawi.

As part of the Innovative Projects Village track, the participants will create products influenced by different cultures worldwide, go through logo design and colour selection, explore traditional and modern products through images and storytelling, and understand Shark Tank entrepreneurship strategies. They will also learn product development, pricing, marketing, and creating advertising campaigns.

On the last day of the camp in both July and August, the young people will have the chance to showcase their work at the Art Projects Expo, where a specialised jury will evaluate and select the winners.

Simultaneously, Al Safa Art and Design Library will host the Second-Hand Book Fair throughout the Camp period, offering a valuable collection of used books at nominal prices to spread knowledge and encourage the next generation to read.

Meanwhile, participants in the Al Jalila Cultural Centre for Children Summer Camp, held in two sessions from July8 to 19 and August 5 to 16, will immerse themselves in a series of creative workshops. Aiming to inspire children aged 4 to 9, these workshops will focus on ceramics, including training in wheel and glazing techniques and exploring various musical instruments.

They will also explore photography and cinematography techniques, dance and puppet theatre design, and clay animation creation.

Throughout the Camp, children will create large-scale sand paintings, craft jellyfish sculptures from plastic bags, explore the history of pearl diving in the UAE, and create artworks inspired by marine life.

All camp activities will be conducted in Arabic and English, supervised by a team of specialists and experts, within a safe environment that encourages children to develop their skills.