UAE Interior Ministry Launches ‘Our Children are a Trust’ Campaign

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ABU DHABI, UAE: The Ministry of Interior of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has launched the “Our Children are a Trust” Campaign ahead of the academic year aimed at to facilitate smooth traffic flow, preventing congestion, and ensuring safe transportation for students.UAE Interior Ministry Launches 'Our Children are a Trust' Campaign

The Campaign “Our Children are a Trust” has a range of measures including increasing traffic patrols to monitor both main and secondary roads around schools.

Prior to the Campaign’s launch, the Ministry of Interior and police leadership introduced a notable initiative, titled “Accident-Free Day,” on the first day of the academic year.

This initiative focused on showcasing readiness plans, securing school entrances, optimizing road traffic, and intensifying awareness-raising endeavours among drivers and bus supervisors.

In his statement, the Deputy Chairman of the Federal Traffic Council Brigadier General Engineer Hussain Ahmed Al Harthy underscored collaborative efforts for comprehensive awareness about risks, uniting law enforcement to enhance security through unified campaigns.

Pointed out that the traffic awareness plan involves stakeholders to boost awareness and safety measures, aiming for a secure traffic environment.

“We continue with each new academic year to collaborate with the Ministry of Education and relevant authorities to ensure traffic safety for school students. This requires the combined efforts of all parties involved in student safety, starting from families, schools, educational and administrative bodies, as well as supervisors and school bus drivers,” Brigadier General Engineer Hussain Ahmed Al Harthy said.