DPS Ajman School: Nurturing Tomorrow’s Leaders

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DPS Ajman School

The foundation of DPS Ajman School is built on persistence and a ‘can do’ attitude. A cornerstone of excellence, we revel in the unwavering spirit of our students, parents, and staff, especially during challenging times.


  • Introduction
  • School’s Vision & Mission
  • Teaching Methodology
  • FAQ Section
  • Conclusion

School’s Vision & Mission

Our vision stands clear – to craft a learning atmosphere that acknowledges the uniqueness of every child. At DPS Ajman, we focus on offering unparalleled growth opportunities, enabling students to blossom with self-assurance, responsibility, and sensitivity toward environmental issues. By leveraging a technologically advanced curriculum, we gear our students to face the challenges of a global society comfortably.

Teaching Methodology

DPS Ajman School
DPS Ajman is at the forefront of the evolving educational landscape, adopting cutting-edge, research-backed techniques. By integrating the vital four C’s – Collaboration, Creativity, Communication, and Critical Thinking, especially in online learning, we are setting the stage for unparalleled learning experiences.

Community & Relationships

DPS Ajman School
The DPS Ajman community thrives on mutual respect and intense bonds. We heavily emphasize fostering fruitful relationships within the school premises and with parents. Furthermore, by encouraging students to build respectful connections with their peers, teachers, and the wider community, we lay the groundwork for empathy and global understanding.

FAQ Section

What curriculum does DPS Ajman follow?

DPS Ajman adheres to the CBSE curriculum.

Who is the principal of DPS Ajman?

Mr. Vishal Kataria serves as the esteemed principal of the school.

What is the fee structure?

Annual fees range from AED 10,500 to AED 15,000.

What grade levels are offered?

DPS Ajman offers classes from KG 1 to Grade 12.


Is DPS Ajman co-educational?

Yes, it’s a mixed-gender, co-educational institution.


At DPS Ajman School , we believe in the holistic development of every child. Our commitment lies in shaping individuals who aren’t just academically sound but also possess the values and skills to step into the 21st century confidently.