Amity Private School Sharjah: Preparing Future Global Leaders

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Amity Private School Sharjah

Education is ever-evolving, and Amity Private School Sharjah stands at the forefront of this change, ensuring students are well-prepared for the global future. In the heart of Sharjah, this prestigious institution reflects the changing paradigms of education, making it more relevant, holistic, and in tune with today’s digital age. Integrating traditional teaching methods with modern technological advancements provides an environment where students gain academic knowledge and life skills. This holistic approach sets Athe school apart, enabling it to rise as a beacon of excellence in the UAE’s educational landscape. The dedicated staff, the state-of-the-art infrastructure, and the diverse student body create a learning environment that fosters growth, creativity, and excellence.


  • Introduction
  • Mission and Vision of Amity Private School Sharjah
  • Emphasis on Technology in Education
  • The Traits of an APS Graduate
  • FAQ
  • Conclusion


Mission and Vision of Amity Private School Sharjah

Amity Private School Sharjah
The mission is straightforward: offer a safe and engaging environment where students not only learn but also foster curiosity and independence. The aim is to transform every student into a responsible future leader. This all-inclusive community values every individual and partners with parents and the broader community to offer relevant learning experiences.

The vision is to mold each child into a reflective, innovative inquirer. The school imparts academic knowledge and ensures its students are globally aware, understanding the importance of culture, diversity, and values.

Emphasis on Technology in Education

In today’s digital era, schools must integrate technology into their curriculum. The school ensures every student can access a laptop, emphasizing technology and design lessons. This enables students to be tech-savvy and creative, ensuring they develop vital skills for the future.

The Traits of an APS Graduate

Graduates from APS embody respect, courtesy, and perseverance. Their education instills in them the belief that success comes from hard work, cooperation, and ingenuity. With these qualities, they exhibit kindness, self-reliance, and a determined pursuit of their goals.


What is the curriculum followed at Amity Private School Sharjah?

The school follows the CBSE curriculum.

What are the annual fees at Amity Private School Sharjah?

The annual fees range between AED 14,000 to 24,000.

What is the school’s rating?

The school has a “Good” rating by SPEA.

Who is the current principal?

The principal is Ms. Archana Sagar.

Which grades are available at the school?

The school offers grades from Pre-KG to Grade 12.


Amity Private School Sharjah offers a unique blend of traditional values and modern education, ensuring its students are well-prepared for the future. Whether it’s their emphasis on technology or commitment to creating global citizens, the school stands as a beacon of holistic education in Sharjah.