Top 5 Ice cream Parlours To Try in Dubai 2024

Duaa Naeem

Best Ice cream parlours in Dubai

Explore the top and best ice cream parlours in Dubai to satisfy the cravings of your sweet tooth in 2024.

Top Icecream Parlours in Dubai 2024

Dubai is an ideal spot for vacation as everyone can get to experience recreational activities of their interest. But, the only downside is the rising temperature and heat of the sandy dunes of Dubai. But, the only solution to cope with the unbearable heat of Dubai is a scrumptious scoop or two or more of ice cream. True ice cream lovers know the importance of delectable scoops of their favourite dessert that melt in the mouth with flavourful bursts. So, here is a list of the best ice cream parlours to try in Dubai where you can choose all trendy icecreams like Turkish, Italian Gelato, Cold Stone ice cream, sorbets and uniquely curated flavours with a variety of add-ons like brownies and more.

  1. Baskin Robbins
  2. Cold Stone Creamery
  3. Moishi
  4. Gelato Divino
  5. Häagen-Dazs

Baskin Robbins

Best Ice cream parlours in Dubai

Baskin Robbins has been a widely known ice cream spot all around the world since 1945. Established in California approximately 70 years earlier, it has reached the heights of the world’s largest ice cream chain with more than 850 stores. Baskin Robins is dedicated to providing quality and service to its customers to maintain its worth as a top-rated ice cream speciality store.

Along with quality and service, the best thing about Baskin Robbins is a wide assortment of up to 1300 flavours to suit the needs of all tastebuds in the world.  So, whenever you feel down in Dubai, run to your nearest Baskin-Robbins to get your hands on the delicious frozen desserts, beverages, and ice cream of unique flavours.

Price: AED 9 to AED 250

Timings: 10:00 am to 1: 00 am

Cold Stone Creamery

Best Ice cream parlours in Dubai

Cold Stone Creamery has made its way up to the best ice cream parlours in Dubai due to its unique and freshly made ice cream right in front of your sight. It has levelled up the ice cream game all over the world where you can pick and choose your flavour from the fresh fruits, nuts, chocolate bars, or a mix of all. Cold Stone Creamery in Dubai is famous for offering over 15 flavours in a waffle cone or a scoop cup with additional toppings of your favourite flavour syrups, nuts, or sprinkles.

Some of the top picks of flavours at Stone Cold Creamery are Chocolate Devotion, Peanut Butter, Strawberry Blonde, and Cake Batter or try some special ones like Cheesecake Fantasy or Apple Pie A La Cold Stone. The ingredients are fresh and give a divine flavour of ice cream. To satisfy other sweet tooth cravings than ice cream, you can also go for smoothies and shakes.

Price: Starts from AED 24 for one scoop

Timings: 9:00 pm to 12: 00 am


Best Ice cream parlours in Dubai

In need of an Instagrammable ice cream spot in Dubai? Run nowhere else than Moishi in Dubai to experience a unique ice cream style. Moishi is famous for Japanese dessert in Dubai which offers flavoured soft and chewy rice cakes filled with flavourful ice creams. Moishi is famous for blending Japanese desserts with traditional and everyone’s favourite ice cream flavours like rose, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla blueberry pistachio and an extensive range of vegan flavours. So, if you want to taste something unique than the old-school ice cream in cones, try the mochi-filled filled ice cream with velvety textures and sweet delicacy inside. To elevate the experience of tasting the best mochi ice cream in Dubai, try to eat it inside the parlour where the adorable ambience will make you feel far away from the hustling crowd and scorching heat of Dubai city.

Price: From AED 20 for a single mochi

TImings: 10:00 am to 12:00 am

 Gelato Divino

Best Ice cream parlours in Dubai

Whether you are craving ice cream, cakes, shakes, or sundaes, Gelato Divino is among the best gelato ice cream brands in Dubai where you should turn to satisfy all these cravings. Gelato Divino will take you straight into the Italian Gelato experience where the stretchy creamy texture, vibrant colours, and delightful flavour will make you forget about everything else. It offers more than 200 flavours of Italian gelato ice cream to the customers. The top flavours at Gelato Divini are Lotus Oreo, Mixed Berry, and Pistachio Silicia. So, get your hands on the perfect vegan dessert with low-fat milk, fresh ingredients, and a creamy, silky rich flavorful experience. Topping your gelato experience, choose from the assortment of toppings ranging from chocolate chips, fresh fruits, nuts, wafers, sprinkles, and syrups of your choice. The stores of Gelato Divino are located at various malls and areas of Dubai.

Price: starts from AED 15 per scoop

Timings: Sunday to Thursday, 10:00 am to 10:00 pm | Friday and Saturday, 10:00 am to 12:00 am (Dalma Mall)


Best Ice cream parlours in Dubai

Häagen-Dazs is one of the best ice cream parlours in Dubai that started serving luxury ice cream to the world in 1960 and is never going back. The luxury of the delightful ice cream begins with the simplest ingredients: cream, milk, sugar, and eggs. And that’s how a journey of delectable sweet affairs starts. If you want to try the famous ice cream in Dubai, you need to try flavours like Macadamia Nut Brittle Pint, Salted Caramel Minicup, DUO Belgian Chocolate and Strawberry Crunch Pint, or Vanilla Caramel Almond Stickbar. The first treaty bite will take you to the heavens of soft and swirly scoops of love.

Price: AED 16 for one scoop

Timings: 10:00 am to 12:00 am


From classic to the unique blend of flavours, try everything at the best ice cream parlours in Dubai 2024. These ice cream spots will take you on a delectable journey of flavours and sweet affairs. So, take a break from the heat of the day and try the best gelato, Turkish ice cream, Moishi, cold stone, and another famous ice cream in Dubai. There is no shortage of options for the sweet tooth.


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