Best biryani in Abu Dhabi

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Best biryani in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, nestled in the United Arab Emirates, adores biryani – a dish uniting flavours. This culinary gem symbolizes joy in the city. Biryani Palace, the flavour haven; Spice Route, a twisty delight; and Golden Plate, biryani perfection, offer top-notch biryani. This tie melds Abu Dhabi’s essence with biryani, honouring tradition. From festivities to easygoing Fridays, Abu Dhabi’s biryani is beyond sustenance; it echoes the city’s spirit. So if you are looking of an Indian Chicken Biryani near you in Abu Dhabi, this guide will surely help you out!

If you’re a die-hard fan of biryani, you might be interested in learning the history of this cuisine. The origin narrative is the subject of numerous theories. But of all of them, this one happens to be the most well-liked.

According to legend, Mumtaz, the wife of the emperor Shah Jahan, gave the army cooks instructions to prepare a dish containing beef and rice. This was a response to the exhausted and malnourished men of the Mughal army. She issued strict directives to prepare a well-balanced supper for them. The result was a nutritious dish that was cooked over fire. The Persian dish entered the Mughal kitchen in this manner.

Best Biryani Places in Abu Dhabi

And ever since, biryani has been a popular dish. In light of this, we’ve chosen Abu Dhabi’s top restaurants for biryani.

Table of Content

  1. Moti Mahal Deluxe
  2. Peppermill
  3. By The Biryani
  4. Ghee Rice Restaurant
  5. Biryani Pot

Moti Mahal Deluxe

Best biryani in Abu Dhabi

The restaurant is a legend on Delhi’s streets and is credited with popularizing Butter Chicken as well as introducing Mughlai food to the nation’s capital. Their Chicken Biryani is one to remember since it is filled with flavorful spices, long-grained rice, and tender meat. Their Murgh Dum Biryani, which is cooked in saffron and spices, is to die for (AED 38). You’ll return for more if you order a juicy kebab as a side.

  • Cost for Two: AED 100
  • Location: Al Baraka Tower, Tourist Club Area, Abu Dhabi


Peppermill is a fusion-style Indian casual dining concept. Their delights have captured the hearts of many people thanks to minor modifications made to traditional dishes and a well organized menu. The perfectly prepared biryani tempers the powerful flavor and satisfies your palate. One of their best dishes is the delicate King Prawn Biryani (AED 75).

  • Cost of Two: AED 250
  • Location: Al Wahda Mall, Abu Dhabi

By The Biryani

One of Abu Dhabi’s top biryanis, A delivery-only restaurant called By the Biryani specializes in several styles of the rice dish. Among meet lovers, their Awadhi Chicken Biryani (AED 45) is a major popularity. This dish is legendary and is traditionally slow-cooked with beef that has been marinated and a particular blend of spices. Additionally, the portion sizes are substantial—good for two, if not three people. The best value possible!

  • Cost of Two: AED 80
  • Location: Al Wahda, Abu Dhabi

Ghee Rice Restaurant

Your taste buds will be seduced by the mouthwatering tastes of this Malabar-style biryani. This variation is available at a number of eateries. However, we can attest that this is the most genuine one in Abu Dhabi. The popular Asian and coastal delicacies from Kerala are served at Ghee Rice Restaurant. Their Bamboo Biryani (AED 38) is prepared using a technique utilized in Keralan cooking, which gives the dish warm, earthy flavour. Save this place in your favorites for a delicious weekend supper.

  • Cost of Two: AED 100
  • Location: Electra Street, Najda, Abu Dhabi

Biryani Pot

In Abu Dhabi, Biryani Pot offers modernized Indian food. The restaurant delivers some nutritious Biryani that was inspired by Indian street cuisine principles. Additionally, the restaurant serves delectable wraps, kebabs, and other small plates. Every bite of the Lamb Biryani (AED 49) with raita can perk up your senses. In addition, they serve a Quinoa Biryani (AED 54) for health nuts.

  • Cost of Two: AED 105
  • Location: Galeria Mall, Al Maryah Island
best biryani in Abu Dhabi
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