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FAB Bank Balance

First, Abu Dhabi Bank is the largest bank in the United Arab Emirates. This bank uses its knowledge and financial robustness to assist local, regional, and international businesses aiming to operate domestically and internationally. Established in April 2017, First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) is owned by the Abu Dhabi Investment Council Company and is headquartered in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), specifically in Dubai. FAB is globally recognized as one of the largest and most secure financial institutions. FAB provides its customers with a wide range of financial products, services, and solutions, catering to their worldwide economic and FAB bank balance needs. 

FAB’s global presence extends across five continents, showing its financial expertise to support individuals and businesses globally. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, FAB continually improves its products and services using innovative technology to deliver effective and stress-free solutions.

We will overview some FAB categories in this article, such as FAB bank salary account, online ATM balance inquiry, online balance inquiry, FAB ATM, FAB bank online, FAB bank balance check, and NBAD Balance Check. Don’t worry about it; we have covered your queries. Get assistance from this article and navigate a trouble-free and organized financial life. Well, there are three ways to check your FAB bank balance: online web portal, mobile app, and through an ATM. 

FAB Balance Check Online Process

Checking your FAB ATM balance online is a piece of cake with FAB. And we will direct you to the steps of doing so. Follow the following steps, and there you go with your ATM balance. 

  1. The first step to check your FAB bank balance online is to log in to your FAB bank account online on the bank’s official portal. 
  2. Enter your FAB account details, Username or Password.
  3. The two empty boxes show up then; you must write the last two digits of your FAB prepaid card number.
  4. Once you successfully log in to your FAB bank online account, you must look for the section showing your account information. And there goes your ATM balance written in the centre. Hence, you have got your digital wallet right in your hands. 
  5. After checking your ATM balance online, you must log in by pressing the option at the top or sidebar.

Although this is the whole process of checking your ATM balance online, if you encounter some error, contact the bank support/help for further inquiry.

FAB Balance Check via Mobile Application

The exact process applies to checking your balance through the mobile app. You can access your FAB account on the FAB mobile application. Download the app on your mobile phone and enter your account details, Username and Password to access your account. This might also ask you for a financial pin. Just fill out the required information, which will take you to a screen showing your bank balance. 

FAB bank balance

FAB Ratibi Salary Card

Along with many other advantages of FAB bank account, they offer their customers the convenience of a Ratibi Salary Card. Ratibi Salary Card is a systematic card used to pay the salaries of workers who make up to AED 5,000. These workers get paid directly with their cards and do not need a bank account for transactions. 

FAB Bank BalanceFAB Prepaid Card

Over and above, the FAB Prepaid Card offers flexibility in handling different transactions and can be used by businesses for various reasons. These cards are the updated versions of FAB eDirham cards. You can conduct a variety of trades and can use it for several purposes.

NBAD Balance Check

NBAD is the old name of FAB. If you want to do a quick NBAD Balance Check, do as said in the above process. Follow the steps of the online checking process and keep your finances in check. You won’t have to guess where your money went or how much you’ve saved anymore because everything is easily accessible under your fingerprints! You won’t have to think about where your money went or how much you’ve saved anymore because everything is easily accessible under your fingerprints!