UAE Weather Forecast: Rains to continue to persist in coming days

Dubai Web Desk

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The United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) National Center of Meteorology (NCM) has forecast unsettled weather to continue across the Emirates until August 08, 2023.

The NCM noted that low clouds will re-appear over the Eastern coast on Monday morning with a chance of convective cloud formation or rain in the afternoon.

It said that skies across the UAE are expected to be partly cloudy to cloudy on Tuesday and rainfall with different intensities accompanied by lightning and thunder will occur over the Country’s eastern areas as well as Al Ain and extending over some internal areas.

Meanwhile, the southeasterly to northeasterly winds are expected to cause blowing dust during daytime with a speed of 10 to 25 kilometer per hour (km/ph), reaching top speeds of 40 km/ph.

Therefore, the UAE residents have been advised to take extra precaution as the rains that hit various parts of the Country.