UAE increases penalties for unlicensed healthcare professionals

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ABU DHABI, UAE: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) government has announced a series of newly-approved federal laws and amendments, outlining stricter penalties for practising a health profession without a licence.

The new laws and amendments focus primarily on the regulation of health professions, private health institutions, and the veterinary sector.

Under the new rules, stricter and higher penalties will apply to those caught practising healthcare professions without a licence and without fulfilling the required conditions.

The laws also include the establishment of a national registry; private healthcare facility regulations; and provisions concerning veterinary medicine.

Here are some of the highlights of the new laws in the UAE;

  • Regulating the practice of healthcare professions including nursing, medical laboratories, medical physics, occupational therapy, physical therapy, cosmetics, anaesthesia, audiology, and medical radiography.
  • Aggravating penalties for healthcare workers who practice the profession without obtaining a licence and do not meet the requirements.
  • The law refers to a number of medical ethics and professional conducts for healthcare professionals.
  • Updating the disciplinary sanctions according to the violations committed with the continuity of the operation of private health facilities.
  • Establishing a national medical register for licensed healthcare professionals in the Country.
  • Allowing foreign entrepreneurs and businesses to invest in veterinary sector through establishing and owing veterinary facilities.