UAE announces new initiative to reduce negative traffic points

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The Ministry of Interior of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has announced that those who drive safely on the first day of the new academic year can get four traffic points off their record.

In a statement on Monday, it was told that the Federal Traffic Council has introduced a positive initiative by striking off four black traffic points, rewarding individuals who actively engage in the national campaign “Accident-Free Day.”

Rolled out alongside the new school year, this initiative urges people to participate.UAE announces new initiative to reduce negative traffic points

To claim the deduction, it is required to sign the pledge related to the initiative which is available via the link that was announced on the social media accounts, the websites of the UAE Ministry of Interior and the general commands of the police, in addition to not recording any traffic violations or accidents on this day, so that we can obtain Together, the slogan ” Accident-Free Day ” and to be a motivation for everyone to spread this day so that all our days are without accidents or traffic violations.

The Chair of the Federal Traffic Council Brig. General Engineer Hussain Ahmed Al Harthy detailed the purpose behind this initiative.

Designed to bolster participation and road safety awareness, it falls under the umbrella of the nation’s traffic sector initiatives.

The announcement serves as both encouragement and a reminder of the day’s significance in promoting traffic safety and awareness.

Al Harthy emphasized the universal call to raise awareness and follow traffic regulations. Upholding these principles in a consistent and broad manner is essential.

The participants who maintain this commitment will receive a reward of 4 black traffic points deducted from their record.

Highlighting the collaborative nature of their work, he stressed their unified approach towards achieving the United Arab Emirates’ vision.

The “Accident-Free Day” initiative aims to build on existing efforts by various concerned entities in the nation. This aligns with the nation’s wise leadership vision and sustainable development objectives.