Efforts intensified to restore full normalcy in Dubai

Dubai Web Desk

DUBAI, UAE: In Dubai, all out efforts are afoot to ensure the full restoration of services and smooth traffic flow on roads following the recent extreme weather conditions experienced by the City.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and Dubai Municipality have taken swift measures to minimise disruptions across the City including draining waterlogged areas, conducting cleaning operations, rerouting traffic to ensure smooth flows, and restoring public transport.

The RTA confirmed that a proactive comprehensive plan enabled the swift restoration of operations on the city’s main streets and the full resumption of Dubai Metro services by the second day, all while ensuring the security and safety of the community.

The Commissioner General of Infrastructure, Urban Planning and Wellbeing Pillar, and Director General of RTA Mattar Al Tayer told that over 2,500 response personnel including engineers, technicians, workers, contractors, and suppliers, contributed to the response effort.

Additionally, he added, more than 400 pumps, 300 tanks, and over 200 heavy equipment units including trucks and bulldozers were deployed.

Whereas the Dubai Municipality mobilised over 2,425 engineers, technicians, and workers equipped to swiftly address emergencies resulting from impact of rains including water accumulation, clogged drains, and fallen trees.

Their primary focus is to ensure the safety of all community members in Dubai and protect their lives and property.