Dubai Tram and Metro Services disrupted following heavy rains

Dubai Web Desk

DUBAI, UAE: The Dubai Tram and Metro Services have been disrupted as heavy rainfall continues to lash various parts of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) including Dubai.

In a statement on Tuesday, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) informed that the Dubai Tram Service remains disrupted between Stations 1 and 8; and therefore, alternative bus service has been provided between the affected stations.

The RTA also informed the Dubai Metro users about the service interruption at the Onpassive Metro Station, which experienced flooding following heavy rains in the early hours of Tuesday, along the Red Line.

The authority arranged alternative bus services for commuters to operate between the impacted stations.

It also informed about an expected delay on Airport Road, asking the users to use the Dubai Metro and alternative routes such as Marrakesh Steet and Rebat Steet to reach Dubai Airport easily.

In addition, the RTA asked users of Al Asayel Street and First Al Khail Street, coming from Business Bay towards Jebel Ali, to use alternative routes such as Al Khail Road and Sheikh Zayed Road.

Meanwhile, Dubai residents are adapting to the challenging weather conditions by going for alternative modes of transportation.

With waterlogged roads, many have turned to public transport or carpooling to ensure a smooth commute to work.

An Egyptian expat in Dubai Ahmed al Najar, whose car was partially in water told Khaleej Times that he wasn’t able to get it out.

“Getting the car out was a risk that would damage essential components. So I opted to call for a cab to commute to my office,” said Al Najar.

“Also, I did not want to risk getting stuck in traffic or damaging my car in the heavy rain. Taking the cab is a bit of inconvenience as I have to commute within Dubai, compared to the hassle of driving,” he added.

Also, some residents have chosen to work from their homes to avoid the hassle of commuting.