Dubai Police summons female motorcyclists for reckless riding

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DUBAI, UAE: The Dubai Police summoned a group of female motorcyclists who had concealed their motorcycle number plates and performed dangerous stunts on various streets in Dubai.

The Director of the General Department of Traffic at Dubai Police Major General Saif Muhair Al Mazroui confirmed that the Dubai Traffic Police’s patrol summoned girls after a video went viral on social media showed their involvement in reckless motorcycle riding and performing dangerous stunts on the streets of the emirate.

These dangerous actions included riding without holding the handlebars, standing on the motorcycle, and riding on one wheel, posing a serious threat to their safety and the safety of other road users. Moreover, one of the motorcyclists concealed the number plate of the motorcycle, believing that this action would help her evade legal consequences,” he said.

The girls’ motorcycles were confiscated by authorities and several traffic violations were issued.