Dubai Police organises informative lectures & workshops for government employees

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DUBAI, UAE: The Dubai Police General Command organized a series of lectures and educational workshops as part of the “A Day Without Accidents” initiative for employees of a number of government departments and private entities as well as for bus drivers and parents, from which more than 7,900 people benefited.

The Director of the General Traffic Department at Dubai Police Major General Saif Muhair Al Mazrouei confirmed that the lectures and educational workshops aim to adhere to security and safety standards, respect traffic rules, traffic safety systems, road etiquette, and preserve the safety of the lives of road users, especially school students.

Major General Saif Al Mazrouei explained that the lectures and workshops included the procedures and laws that must be followed during the process of transporting students, including not exceeding the speed limit, adhering to the mandatory route, paying attention and concentration while driving, taking responsibility towards the students, preserving their safety, and feeling the great social duty placed on one’s shoulders. Each bus driver is welcomed by families and the community, noting that the role played by these drivers is very great.

Major General Al Mazrouei stressed the need for parents to adhere to traffic laws and regulations, traffic signs, and traffic police instructions, and to exercise caution, the importance of fastening a seat belt, the need to be patient and adhere to the mandatory route, use parking lots in a way that does not hinder others, and not park in undesignated places. To stop, as well as to adhere to the signboards in front of schools that call for slowing down, increasing attention, exercising caution, and anticipating the mistakes of others.

It is noteworthy that the program of educational lectures and workshops comes in support of achieving the goals of the “A Day Without Accidents” initiative program, which is concerned with enhancing traffic awareness regarding safety procedures, and correcting the behavior of bus drivers in order to achieve the highest levels of traffic safety and preserve lives and property.