Dubai Police ESports Tournament ‘Ramadan’ Edition kicks off

Dubai Web Desk

DUBAI, UAE: The Dubai Police ESports Tournament ‘Ramadan’ Edition has kicked off with the active participation of over 1,000 players at the Officers Club in Dubai.

The event showcases individual and team competitions across 10 popular electronic games with over 1,000 players competing for prizes totaling 100,000 dirhams.

The Dubai Police Esports Tournament-Ramadan Edition offers entertainment and a unique opportunity to raise awareness on critical issues such as cyber safety, financial transactions security, and the risks of sharing personal information online to prevent cyber extortion and fraud.

It also addresses traffic and societal matters, contributing to Dubai Police’s strategic objective of enhancing security and safety.

The participants compete in 10 globally renowned electronic games.

The competition, attracting over 1,000 entrants from inside and outside the United Arab Emirates (UAE), runs until the 24th of Ramadan.

The initiative aims to promote a balanced approach to electronic gaming, emphasizing the importance of physical and mental health and privacy protection among gamers.