Dubai Petrol Price Today – April 2024

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In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the retail prices of petrol and diesel have been announced for April 2024.Dubai Petrol Price Today – April 2024

The UAE Fuel Price Committee has announced the new prices on Sunday to become effective from April 01, 2024.Dubai Petrol Price Today – April 2024

In April 2024, the retail price of Super 98 will be Dh3.15 a litre while Special 95 and E-Plus 91 will be available for Dh3.03 and Dh2.96 per litre respectively.

Similarly, the diesel will cost Dh3.09 per litre for the entire month of April 2024.

Previously, the retail prices of Super 98, Special 95, E-Plus 91, and diesel had been fixed for March 2024 at Dh3.03, Dh2.92, Dh2.85, and Dh3.16 per litre respectively.

Dubai Petrol Price Today – April 2024

Retail Fuel Prices in UAE in recent Months (Dirhams Per Litre)

Super 98
Special 95
E-Plus 91
March 2024 Dh3.03 Dh2.92 Dh2.85 Dh3.16
February 2024 Dh2.88 Dh2.76 Dh2.69 Dh2.99
January 2024 Dh2.82 Dh2.71 Dh2.64 Dh3.00
December 2023 Dh2.96 Dh2.85 Dh2.77 Dh3.19
Nov 2023 Dh3.03 Dh2.92 Dh2.85 Dh3.42
October 2023 Dh3.44 Dh3.33 Dh3.26 Dh3.57
Sept 2023 Dh3.42 Dh3.31 Dh3.23 Dh3.40
August 2023 Dh3.14 Dh3.02 Dh2.95
July 2023 Dh3.00 Dh2.89 Dh2.81