Dubai Ambulance launches sea ambulance boat

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DUBAI, UAE: The Dubai Ambulance has launched a sea ambulance boat with a speed of 50 miles per hour and a capacity to transport 10 injured people.

The Dubai Ambulance developed the new boat into an integrated ambulance unit powered by solar energy in line with its strategy to develop ambulance services, and falls within the Dubai government’s direction to rely on clean energy.

The Executive Director of the Organization Meshaal Abdul Karim Jalfar confirmed to “Emirates Al-Yum” that the new boats are all powered by solar energy, pointing out that the new version of Al-Saaf Al-Bahri supports the state’s efforts in the field of sustainability.

“Through the organization’s team, we have studied the use of clean energy when deciding on the new marine rescue boat, and we have gradually implemented it in the boat by replacing the fuel-powered power generator with solar panels that generate clean energy to operate the emergency equipment and devices in the boat’s Cabin which include medical devices and patient transport, marine equipment, as well as air conditioning and lighting,” he continued.

Regarding the additional specifications of the boat, Julfar said that the length of the boat is 47 feet long and 13 feet wide.

Julfar further said that the new boat constitutes an integrated ambulance unit, pointing out that it is characterized by medical equipment with international standards such as an automatic cardiopulmonary resuscitation machine, an electroshock machine and an electrocardiogram machine, a fluid suction machine, and two hydraulic transporters to absorb high-wave shocks to enhance the patient’s comfort, and a medical report machine for the patient.