Abu Dhabi City Municipality: Residing of workers at construction sites banned for their safety & public health

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ABU DHABI, UAE: The Abu Dhabi City Municipality has emphasized the necessity of enforcing the rule against housing workers at construction sites, highlighting the requirement for these workers to be accommodated in designated labor housing.

This measure is in accordance with the laws in place in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, aimed at protecting the health and safety of workers and providing a conducive and positive environment for them.

This was announced during an awareness campaign carried out by the Municipality, represented by the Sub-Municipalities Operations Sector and all sub-municipality centers. The aim is to educate real estate owners and companies in Abu Dhabi and its suburbs about complying with laws and regulations to ensure a safe and healthy living environment for all workers.

The campaign had two key components: a field component which involved municipal inspectors conducting on-site tours of construction sites and worker housing to raise awareness about the required standards for workers’ accommodation.

This also encouraged those responsible for these sites to provide the best possible living environments for workers and protect their health and safety. It highlighted the negative effects of housing workers on construction sites and the legal and punitive repercussions of such acts.

The second component of the campaign was digital, disseminating awareness messages through social media and the official accounts of the Abu Dhabi City Municipality. Thousands of text messages were also sent with the aim to educate the relevant personnel in contracting companies, consultants, and those responsible for construction sites, emphasizing their obligations towards workers, particularly in terms of providing decent and suitable accommodation that safeguards their health and safety.

During the campaign, the Abu Dhabi City Municipality also appealed to contracting companies and those in charge of worker housing to be mindful of and adhere to the requirements of the environmental, health, and safety system in regular workers’ accommodations.

They stressed that compliance with these standards is obligatory due to the positive outcomes for both the companies and workers resulting from the application of environmental, health, and safety requirements.

Abu Dhabi City Municipality pointed out that it is committed to running such campaigns continuously throughout the year, in line with its strategy and plans to maintain the civilized and aesthetic appearance of Abu Dhabi, and to ensure the health and safety of technicians, workers, and all community members.