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MOHRE Toll-Free Number

The United Arab Emirates witnesses a confluence of diverse workforces. At its helm, ensuring the seamless working relationship between employers and employees, stands the Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation (MOHRE). This governmental body is pivotal in navigating labor affairs in the country or labour enquiries related to MOHRE. Let’s get to know more about Using the MOHRE labour complaint number


  • Introduction
  • Discovering the MOHRE Toll-Free Number (600590000)
  • Why Employers, Employees, and Domestic Helpers Should Use the MOHRE Toll-Free Number
  • Enhancing Communication with the MOHRE WhatsApp Channel
  • Other Vital MOHRE Contact Options
  • The Importance of Accurate Information
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

MOHRE Toll-Free Number (600590000)

When you hear “600590000”, it’s more than just a series of digits. It’s a gateway to understanding labor laws, addressing employment issues, or simply asking questions related to work in the UAE. The beauty of this labor complaint number is its dual-language support, catering to both English and Arabic speakers. So, whether you’re a native or an expatriate, your queries won’t be lost in translation. Moreover, round-the-clock availability ensures that assistance is just a phone call away, any time of day or night.

Why Employers, Employees, and Domestic Helpers Should Use the MOHRE Toll-Free Number

Employers often face the daunting task of ensuring they comply with labor laws. The MOHRE toll-free number provides them with a resource to understand these laws, obtain clarity on recruitment procedures, and understand their obligations. They no longer need to scour countless websites or legal documents; a simple call can offer guidance.

Employees, the backbone of any business, often have queries about their work rights, employment Labor contracts, or workplace conditions. Through this toll-free number, they can receive insights into their ownership, file complaints if needed, and secure information about their employment conditions.

MOHRE’s toll-free number provides dedicated services for domestic helpers, a segment that often feels left out. From understanding their unique employment conditions to addressing concerns specific to their roles, this number ensures they are not alone.

MOHRE WhatsApp Channel

WhatsApp, a tool we often use to chat with friends, can also be a medium to connect with MOHRE. The ministry’s WhatsApp channel is designed for real-time updates and straightforward inquiries.

Are you curious about the progress of your employment visa or work permit? Instead of waiting in limbo, individuals can get real-time updates on their application status.

For businesses and establishments, the channel provides access to vital reports that give insights into their compliance with labor regulations. Similarly, those employing domestic helpers can view statement reports that shed light on employment conditions and legal compliance.

But that’s not all. The WhatsApp channel goes beyond offering direct procedural assistance for domestic helpers and sharing information about labor laws. A faithful companion for those wanting to stay informed!

MOHRE Contact Options

While the toll-free number and WhatsApp channel are primary avenues, MOHRE ensures everyone’s comfort by providing a plethora of communication channels:

Online Chat:

Maybe you’re not in the mood for a phone call. No worries! The online chat service lets you communicate in real-time, getting answers to your queries instantly.


Emailing MOHRE is an excellent option for those who prefer to have detailed written records or want to elaborate on their concerns.

Video Calls through the Tawasul Platform:

Sometimes, a face-to-face interaction, even if virtual, makes all the difference. MOHRE’s Tawasul platform offers this personal touch.

Social Media Platforms:

In the age of social networking, MOHRE is not left behind. They actively engage on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube—a perfect way to stay updated with the latest labor laws and regulations.

The Importance of Accurate Information

Providing accurate and up-to-date information is paramount as you engage with MOHRE through any of these channels. Misinformation can delay resolutions and lead to potential fines and penalties. Remember, MOHRE is here to help, and precise data ensures they can do their job efficiently.


The MOHRE toll-free number (600590000) is more than just a hotline; it’s a lifeline for employers, employees, and domestic helpers in the UAE. Paired with diverse communication channels like WhatsApp, email, and video calls, MOHRE ensures that everyone feels heard, supported, and informed regardless of their role. So, the next time you have a labor-related query, remember help is just a dial away!


How can MOHRE toll-free number benefit employers?

It’s a resource hub offering guidance on labor laws, recruitment procedures, and more, ensuring employers adhere to regulations.

What services are available through the MOHRE WhatsApp channel?

From real-time application updates to accessing various statement reports, MOHRE’s WhatsApp channel ensures users stay informed and assisted.

Why is accurate information crucial when communicating with MOHRE?

Correct information ensures timely resolutions, avoids unnecessary delays, and prevents potential penalties.