How to file a consumer complaint in the Dubai, UAE?

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If you live in Dubai, UAE and face a problem with something you bought, you can file a complaint to your emirate’s Department of Economic Development (DED). Every emirate has their specific DED to take care of such matters. So let’s say that you are living in Dubai and looking for a consumer complaint number, tracking or email; you are looking for DED. DED will take care of such matters even if you wish to take someone to Dubai Court based on a consumer complaint. DED works on how customers are treated and ensures that businesses treat customers well and fairly. They also make amendments to keep customers safe and happy. The DED listens to customer complaints and teaches people what they should expect when they buy things. But if you encounter a problem and want to file a consumer complaint to the DED, we have you. The process to file a Consumer Complaint in the UAE is below. 

File A Consumer Complaint In The UAE

Filing a consumer complaint in Dubai, UAE.

For instance, let’s take DED Dubai and dive deeper into how you can do this in Dubai. We have described a detailed process in steps so it is convenient for you to understand. Remember that you have to file the complaint to the DED in the same emirate where you bought the thing that’s causing the problem. Also, ensure that the business you have the problem with has a trade license in that emirate. This helps them sort out the situation better and rapidly. Now, let’s learn more about tiling a complaint in Dubai’s DED and how to ensure you’re in the right place for your complaint.

Detailed Process of Consumer Complaint

Follow the given steps to file a consumer complaint in the UAE easily. 

  1. The very first step to do so is to visit the DED Consumer Rights Website of the specific Emirate. If you have a complaint as a consumer in the UAE, you can tell the DED. This is done online. First, go to their website.
  2. Then, you must click “Submit Complaint” on the website and choose the “Consumer Complaint C2B” part.
  3. Afterwards, you will be asked to “Confirm Your Choice” while asking if you are sure to file a complaint. Say yes by clicking “Confirm”.
  4. After the above step, you will be asked to give some mandatory information to file a complaint.
  5. Tell them who you are by giving your name, phone number, email, and where you’re from.
  6. The next step will be the “Details About the Issue”. Type in your details about the shop or person you are struggling with. This information would include their name, their trade, problems and more. 
  7. After typing in your problem, you will be asked to “Show Proof” of the problem. Show them if you have anything that can be used as proof, like a receipt or contract. This will help you better explain your situation. 
  8. The last step to file your complaint would be to “Agree and Send”. Check the agree and rules box and click “Submit”. And this is how you have filed your consumer complaint. You will get your complaint number afterwards. Keep that with you to check your complaint status later on.

Consumer Complaint App Dubai

This complaint process can also be done on your phone or the Dubai Consumer mobile app. Online complaints are accepted 24/7. The expected complaint response or completion time is four business days. The main aim of this whole complaint system is to regulate the relationship between consumers and traders, protecting and resolving consumer rights and taking the necessary actions. 

File a consumer complaint in the UAE

Complaint Status Check 

You can see how your complaint is doing by following these steps:

  • First, you need to go to a website called MOHRE e-Service.
  • Then, you need to type in Your Complaint Number.
  • Click “Submit’ and you’ll see how your complaint is doing.

This is how you know if the DED of your Emirate is working on your problem. Remember, this is a service to help people with complaints about shops in Dubai. It makes sure shops treat customers right and fix problems. 

Consumer Rights Refund Policy

Businesses have to give back the money in these cases: 1) If there’s a problem with the product that can’t be fixed or changed. 2) If the store lets you try stuff outside because there are no fitting rooms. For more details, you can check out this detailed pdf.

Also, in case you are a foreign worker in UAE and wish to lodge a complaint against your employer or any other issue, you can check our guide on filling labour complaints in UAE or you can also use the Labour Complaint number by MOHRE.