Dubai Police seize 24 vehicles for performing stuns during rainy weather

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Dubai Police have confiscated 24 cars and motorcycles whose drivers and riders were engaged in performing stuns and causing chaos in Al Ruwayyah.

The Director of the General Department of Traffic at Dubai Police Major General Saif Muhair Al Mazroui said despite the warnings issued by Dubai Police regarding the imperative need to comply with traffic laws and regulations, especially during rainfall, there remains a certain degree of unawareness among a segment of motorists who indulged in chaotic and reckless behaviour.

Al Mazroui stated that 19 cars and five motorcycles were impounded per Decree No. (30) of 2023 concerning traffic valuations and impoundment of vehicles. He added that the Decree imposes a Dh50,000 fine against releasing the impounded vehicle. He further confirmed that Dubai Police traffic patrols had issued 35 traffic fines against motorists who engaged in stunts amidst the rainy conditions.

Additionally, Al Mazroui pointed out that the impounded cars and motorcycles had committed various violations that necessitated their seizure including engaging in stunts, reckless driving that posed a threat to public safety, causing excessive noise, and putting the head out from a moving car.

Al Mazroui warned against reckless and rash driving on the roads, highlighting that the law strictly penalizes driving practices that threaten the lives, safety, and security of both drivers and road users. He emphasized that driving in a manner that poses a risk to public or private infrastructure is also subject to severe consequences.