Dubai Police impounds 36 vehicles in two days

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The Deputy Director of the General Department of Traffic at the Dubai Police Colonel Muhammad Abdullah Khalfan Al Qaedi said that traffic patrols have seized 36 vehicles over the past two days due to drivers violating traffic rules and regulations.

The violations ranged from reckless driving, endangering one’s own life or that of others, causing road disturbances, making unauthorised modifications to the vehicle’s engine or chassis, disturbing residents, unclear number plates, and littering on public roads.

Colonel Al Qaedi emphasised that such violations meet strict actions by the police, reminding that Dubai Police had previously warned that such offences call for the enforcement of Decree No. 30 of 2023, where the fine to release an impounded vehicle can reach up to 50,000 Dirhams.

The top police official warned against reckless driving and over speeding, noting that the law penalises those who endanger lives or damage roads with heavy fines and vehicle impoundment for varying periods.

Moreover, he mentioned that at least 80% of the violators were involved in severe accidents, resulting in fatalities and major injuries. He stressed that Dubai Police would not show leniency in tackling all types of violations to ensure the safety of all road users.

Colonel Al Qaedi appealed to the community to report any negative phenomena on the roads through the “Police Eye” service in the Dubai Police app on smartphones or by contacting the “We Are All Police” service at 901.