Dubai Miracle Garden blooms anew in its 12th Season with dazzling floral displays

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Dubai Miracle Garden, the largest natural flower garden in the world, on Friday opened its doors for visitors, marking a momentous 12-year anniversary for the renowned international attraction.

Dubai Miracle Garden opens daily from 9:00 am until 9:00 pm during weekdays and extends until 11:00 pm on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and public holidays.

The 12th season comes at the back of immense success last year, during which the garden provided families and children with the opportunity to celebrate the region’s biggest sporting event, the FIFA World Cup. Characters from Smurfs, introduced as a theme during the garden’s 10th anniversary in 2021, celebrated the joy of sports and togetherness.

The success of Dubai Miracle Garden reflects its growing popularity among residents and visitors and its ability to bring unique elements every new season.

The attraction is prepared to bedazzle its visitors once again with its new and brilliant display of flowers.

The Dubai Miracle Garden’s impressive journey mirrors that of Dubai itself: marked by innovation, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to expanding the joy of visitors from around the world, both within the vibrant city and the enchanting garden.