Dubai Transport Authority bans truck movement on some internal roads of Nad Al Sheba Reserve

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DUBAI, UAE: Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has declared a round-the-clock truck movement ban on certain roads of Nad Al Sheba Reserve.

The move follows extensive coordination and studies conducted in partnership with the Dubai Police General HQ in the wake of completing the initial phase of Al-Meydan Street improvement, which included transforming roundabouts into signalised junctions.

The implementation of this ban, which commenced at the start of this December, followed the installation of directional signs at the entrances to streets branching from Al-Khail Road and Al-Meydan Street, and coordination with property developers operating in the area.

The restriction of truck movement in the area is part of strategic plans to develop various areas and reserves in Dubai. Nad Al Sheba is among the key locations earmarked for extensive re-planning and development over the next decade.

Banning truck movement on certain roads involves extensive studies as well as engineering and technical considerations. Factors involved include vehicle density, traffic incident statistics, level of urban development on both sides of the road, and the distribution of the traffic movement to the alternative routes that can handle the capacity of redirected traffic.

The RTA urged development companies in the Nad Al Sheba area and heavy vehicle drivers to use the alternative routes designated for trucks by RTA. In situations where trucks need to navigate the restricted roads, drivers are required to apply for a Mobility Permit for Heavy Vehicles in Banned Times and Roads through the traffic system in Dubai which is integrated between RTA and Dubai Police, as per the applicable conditions and procedures.

The RTA, in coordination with its partners in the Dubai Police General HQ and other relevant entities, will continue to monitor truck drivers’ compliance with the new restrictions. It will make every effort to ensure drivers are well-informed about the new restricted zones through various media channels and will issue violation tickets to those who fail to comply with the traffic guidelines and restrictions on Dubai’s roads.