Dubai Tram has served about 52 million riders since 2014

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Since launched in 2014, Dubai Tram has served about 52 million riders, cementing its role as an integral component of Dubai’s public transportation network.

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) said that this surge in tram ridership is attributed to several improvements in the tram intersections and operational efficiency. These enhancements made the tram a more efficient, reliable and safe transit mode, rendering it attractive to residents and tourists.

Over the past nine years of operation, the tram traveled 5.3 million kilometers.

The RTA made this announcement marking Dubai Tram’s 9th anniversary, underscoring the outstanding operational performance, punctuality, and full compliance with safety protocols.

Such achievements are a testament to the seamless passenger transport, and the enhanced user experience and satisfaction levels of tram riders.

The RTA has successfully reduced the tram journey times by two minutes through rescheduling and adjustments to the trip timing system, and improved punctuality.