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Union Coop UAE

Established under the auspices of a Ministerial Resolution in 1982, Union Coop has evolved as a beacon of retail excellence in the UAE. Birthed to uplift the socio-economic conditions of its members and serve the local communities, it now stands as a symbol of retail innovation and commitment among the top retail choices in Dubai.


  • Introduction
  • Retail Pioneers: Union Coop’s Expansion
  • International Standards and Practices
  • Shopping Experience at Union Coop
  • Branch Locations
  • Shopping Categories at Union Coop
  • FAQ Section
  • Conclusion

Retail Pioneers: Union Coop’s Expansion

A quick stroll around the UAE would make you hard-pressed not to find a Union Coop branch. With 26 sprawling branches, Union Coop proudly claims its title as the UAE’s largest consumer cooperative. Their reach doesn’t end there. Six shopping centers, including Al Warqa City Mall and Etihad Mall, add to their impressive portfolio. The ‘Coop’ chain, a fresh concept in the shopping realm, has four outlets with an additional Mini Coop branch, catering to the diverse shopping needs of the residents.

International Standards and Practices

Union Coop doesn’t merely settle for being a dominant regional player. It strives for international recognition by adopting the best global standards and practices in retail. This endeavor, though progressive, isn’t a blind race. Every move is carefully calibrated, with a keen emphasis on increasing Emiratization rates, a directive from the UAE’s wise leadership. Their focus remains unwavering – customer happiness, consumer protection, and market stability. All this while ensuring shareholders enjoy lucrative annual profits underpin the UAE’s socio-economic development.

Promotions and Price Stability

Shopping at Union Coop isn’t just about a vast array of products; it’s an experience. The cooperative ensures market stability through various promotional campaigns. Annually, tens of millions of dirhams are invested to offer discounts, value promotions, and exciting prizes. Whether a festive sale or a ‘back to school’ offer, Union Coop ensures consumers get the best deals, making their shopping journey as rewarding as possible.

Shopping Experience at Union Coop

Positioned strategically in bustling areas, every Union Coop branch ensures consumers don’t have to traverse far. The vast parking facilities only add to the ease. But it’s the shopping experience that truly sets it apart. A mix of essential commodities, food and non-food, awaits every visitor. Their malls aren’t just shopping hubs but arenas of fantastic deals and promotions, drawing visitors from far and wide, all eager to make that intelligent save.

Branch Locations

From Motor City to Al Rashidiya, Union Coop has marked its presence in almost every nook and cranny of the UAE. Each branch, whether in the bustling Jumeirah or the serene Al Twar, is a testament to Union Coop’s commitment to accessibility and serving every community.

Shopping Categories at Union Coop

Union Coop’s shelves brim with a diverse range of products. Union Coop covers whether you’re hunting for fresh produce, baby products, or the latest electronic gadget. Their categories, ranging from Beauty and Personal Care to Pet Care, ensure that every shopping need is met under one roof.

FAQ Section

What’s the legacy of Union Coop’s establishment?

Established in 1982, Union Coop was initiated to enhance the socio-economic conditions of its members and the community.

How many branches does Union Coop boast in the UAE?

Union Coop proudly operates 26 branches across the UAE.

What sets Union Coop apart in its shopping experience?

Union Coop is the first in the Middle East to introduce ‘smart shopping,’ elevating the consumer experience.

How does Union Coop ensure market stability?

Union Coop maintains market balance through strategic promotional campaigns, discounts, and value offers.


Union Coop isn’t just a supermarket; it’s a retail phenomenon in the UAE. With a legacy that spans decades, a vision for international standards, and an unwavering commitment to consumer happiness, Union Coop stands tall as a testament to retail brilliance in the Middle East. Next time you’re in the UAE, dive into this unique shopping experience.