Eid Al Adha in UAE: Slaughterhouse Timings in Abu Dhabi

Dubai Web Desk

ABU DHABI, UAE: The slaughterhouses in Abu Dhabi – the Capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will operate from 6.00 am until 5.30 pm every day throughout the week.

“Slaughterhouse services will start at 6:00 AM and run until 5:30 PM on Eid Al Adha,” according to the Abu Dhabi City Municipality.

The Municipality said that Abu Dhabi slaughterhouses are expected to receive around 37,000 sacrifices during the Eid holiday.

The Abu Dhabi Municipality has increased the number of butchers, workers, maintenance crews, and officials responsible for receiving sacrifices and delivering meat in each slaughterhouse.

The number of butchers in Baniyas Slaughterhouse has been increased to 150 for an estimated 13,000 sacrifices, 50 butchers in Abu Dhabi Automated Slaughterhouse for an estimated 10,000 sacrifices, 50 butchers in Al Shahama Automated Slaughterhouse for an estimated 7,000 sacrifices, and 45 butchers in Al Wathba Automated Slaughterhouse for an estimated 7,000 sacrifices and carcasses.

In the UAE, Eid Al Adha will fall on Monday, June 17 (Dhul Hijjah 10). Therefore, the break is from June 16 to June 19. Since there is a weekend (Saturday, June 15), the UAE residents will enjoy five days off to mark the festival.

To accommodate the growing number of visitors, the Abu Dhabi City Municipality has given special consideration to determined people and senior citizens, setting up air-conditioned tents and shaded walkways in the slaughterhouses’ external courtyards and providing chilled drinking water.