Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy launches mobile application development courses

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DUBAI, UAE: The Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy, one of the three chambers operating under Dubai Chambers, has launched the foundational phase of the Emirati Training Academy.

The state-of-the-art online training programme comes as part of the ‘Create Apps in Dubai’ initiative and is designed to equip talented UAE nationals with the knowledge and skills required to build a successful career in mobile application development.

The self-paced courses build on the programme’s initial phase, which was launched in August, to provide a comprehensive learning journey with two distinct tracks focusing on Android and iOS app development.

The participants can opt to complete one or both tracks, and those who successfully complete this phase of the programme will have the opportunity to apply for a course that leads to a globally recognised nanodegree certificate.

The applications to join the next phase of the training programme can be submitted by visiting the following link:

The programme’s foundational phase will focus on equipping participants with the technical, user experience, and user interface skills required to successfully develop mobile applications. In addition to Android and iOS app design methodologies, the comprehensive curriculum features specialised courses on app marketing and monetisation, rapid prototyping, and introductions to key programming languages. Participants in the Emirati Training Academy will be guided through workshops delivered by expert Emirati tutors to ultimately help transform their skills and ideas into businesses.

The programme aims to create well-rounded developers equipped with a deep understanding of the market and the needs of users, preparing them for the real-world challenges of the app development landscape. Learners will not only develop the skills necessary to become Android and iOS developers, but also cultivate capabilities that will significantly enhance their career prospects within the broader technology sector.