Understanding Black Points in Dubai’s Traffic System

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Having one of the best road infrastructures in the world, the Dubai Emirate in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has made untiring efforts to ensure the smooth flow of traffic as well as to persuade the motorists to comply by the traffic rules, guaranteeing that no unpleasant situation occurs on roads.

To meet the above-mentioned desired results, the Dubai authorities have introduced various measures i.e., penalizing the motorists with fines, imposing negative traffic points on their driving licence, or even suspending the driving license.

What are Black Points?

If a driver violates certain traffic rules, he or she receives Black Points on his/her driving license. The bigger offense leads to be awarded more Black Points. They range from 4 to 24 with the latter being the maximum, so how many negative black points a driver receives depends on the severity of the committed crime. When a motorists receive negative black points, they stay on his/her driver license for a year.Understanding Black Points in Dubai's Traffic System

How Do Black Points Affect You?

The authorities in each of UAE’s Emirates including in Dubai offer incentives time to time for the motorists, enabling them to reduce their monetary fines or waive off the black points. The motorists avail the facilities only if they obey the traffic rules and don’t repeat violations till a certain period of time. But if they continue to remain reluctant and turn a blind eye to the traffic rules by repeating the offenses, they may receive more and more black points. Eventually, they may land into a further deep trouble, resulting in the confiscation or suspension of their driving license.


Thus, Dubai’s Traffic System runs efficiently with Black Points being effectively awarded. They have become an integral part of the Dubai’s Traffic System and are playing a pivotal role in managing the traffic across the Emirate systematically.