Legal Procedures for Contesting Traffic Fines in Dubai

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Last month, the Dubai authorities introduced further stringent amendments aiming at to ensure the road safety and protection of people’s lives and properties. All the initiatives taken by the Dubai’s Roads and Transportation Authority (RTA) so far are for nothing but primarily to reduce traffic accidents and human fatalities. The implementation of traffic laws becomes result-oriented only if it combines with a series of punitive actions. Realizing its significance and fruitfulness, the authorities impose a range of fines on motorists having violated the traffic rules. However, once a driver is charged a fine, it doesn’t end for all as it seems to be, he or she yet is entitled to file a plea of not being guilty.

When to Contest a Fine

If a motorist in Dubai is awarded a penalty for an offense which may also cause Black Points on his/her driving license, he or she stands yet eligible to contest the penalty.Legal Procedures for Contesting Traffic Fines in Dubai

How to File an Appeal

In Dubai, a motorist can contest a traffic fine using any of the following options;

  • Visit the General Directorate of Traffic Headquarters in Al Barsha to contest a traffic fine.
  • Visit the nearest Dubai Police station to file a complaint
  • Call Dubai Traffic Department at +971-4-699-3555 to contest a traffic fine
  • Visit the Dubai Police Portal to inquire about traffic fines online

However, it is important to note that the complaint still has to be submitted in person to contest traffic fines in Dubai.


Thus, the Dubai authorizes allow a penalized motorist to contest the traffic fine and get the penalty reversed. Therefore, the Dubai motorists must appeal through a proper channel against their traffic fines if they believe, and have evidence, that there is an error.