Eid Al Adha: Prices of sacrificial animals in Dubai

Dubai Web Desk

DUBAI, UAE: The markets of sacrificial animals have been set up across the United Arab Emirates (UAE) including Dubai wherein the Faithful have begun thronging in large number just ahead of the Eid Al Adha.

Eid Al Adha, also known as the Festival of Sacrifice, will fall on June 17, 2024 (Dhul Hijjah 10) in the UAE.

To mark the Islamic festival, Muslims will slaughter animals such as cows, camels, goats, and sheep to commemorate the willingness of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) to sacrifice his son in obedience to Allah’s command.

Once the Sunnah of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) is performed, Muslims will distribute the meat from the sacrificed animal among family, friends, and those in need, ensuring that the joy of Eid is shared with the less fortunate.Eid Al Adha: Prices of sacrificial animals in DubaiAs Eid Al Adha is approaching fast, more and more influx of Faithful to the Cattle Markets in Dubai is being witnessed.

Not only those animals raised within the UAE but others brought in from Pakistan, India, Australia, and Somalia etc. are also being sold by traders in Dubai’s Cattle Markets.

Since yet a few weeks are left till Eid Al Adha, traders have kept the prices of sacrificial animals quite high.

The visitors of Cattle Markets are of the view that prices of sacrificial animals being sold in Dubai are slightly more expensive than usual. As of now, according them, the prices of goats are varying from Dh500 to Dh1,400.

Mohammed Ateeq, Livestock Trader, told Khaleej Times that “Somalian goats weighing 7 kilograms are priced at approximately Dh500 with larger goats of the same breed weighing up to 15 kilograms and costing around Dh800”.

“Similarly, prices of Indian goats start at Dh800 for 8 kilograms. Prices can go up to Dh1,200 for larger sizes,” Mohammed Ateeq said.