Everything You Need to Know About 800144 Number

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800144 number

If you are in UAE and own an Etisalat SIM card, you might have received calls from the 800144 number. It might have startled you at least once that who is calling from 800144 number. Here, we have the answer to who owns this number and whether it is safe to pick or not.

800144 number

It is quite common for fraudsters to use such numbers to fake calls and involve innocent people in fraud. Also, there may be callers who pretend to be recruiters and looking for employees. They get your personal information and even ask for money upfront for training. These callers can manipulate your personal information in negative ways. All of this has kept mobile phone users vigilant about picking up unknown numbers. However, a lot of people get calls from 800144 in UAE which raises the question of who is calling from 800144 number.

Truth Behind 800144

The answer to this question is quite relaxing because it is not any fraud number but is owned by Etisalat Telecom Network. 800144 is the Etisalat Telecom Telemarketing number which is used to make calls to Etisalat users. The Etisalat telemarketing team uses this number to market the latest bundles and services of the company. Therefore, it is 100% safe to pick up these calls without worrying about any pranks or fraud