Sharjah Coop: Pioneering Cooperative Excellence in the UAE

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Sharjah Coop

In 1977, Sharjah Coop opened its doors in the UAE with the guidance of His Highness Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad Al-Qassimi. The goal was simple yet profound: improve the quality of life for the people in Sharjah. Over the years, the Coop hasn’t just grown in size with its uniquely designed branches and ensured that its profits benefit shareholders and the community.


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  • Community and Quality at its Core
  • Investment in Local Talent and Expanding Reach
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Community and Quality at its Core

Sharjah Coop

Sharjah Coop’s success isn’t just in its business growth; its heart lies in its community outreach. The Coop has amplified its social footprint by partnering with community pillars like Sharjah Charity International and the Al-Thiqah Club. But their dedication doesn’t stop at community service. They’ve made a mark with their commitment to quality, earning the ISO 2009:9001 award. This signifies their promise to uphold high standards and ensure customer satisfaction.

Investment in Local Talent and Expanding Reach

Sharjah Coop

Sharjah Coop believes in its people. By hiring from the local community and investing in their training, they ensure a team that resonates with the local ethos and serves customers with a personal touch. As for their presence, it’s hard to miss its branches like Al Qarain and Al Barashi in Sharjah. Each location offers products and tells a tale of commitment to the community it serves.

FAQ Section

When did Sharjah Coop start?

1977, under the guidance of His Highness Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad Al-Qassimi.

How does the Coop contribute to the community?

They actively support social causes, partner with local charities, and engage in community initiatives.

Can you name a few Sharjah Coop branches?

Sure! Branches like Al Barashi and Al Qarain are among the many spread across Sharjah.

Has Sharjah Coop earned any quality recognitions?

Absolutely! They proudly hold the ISO 2009:9001 quality award.


More than a store, Sharjah Coop embodies the spirit of community and commitment. With every product sold and every branch opened, they continue to champion the essence of Sharjah, making a difference one day at a time.