Best Budget Friendly Hypermarkets in Dubai 2023

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Budget-friendly supermarkets in DubaiDubai is becoming one of the fastest-growing cities in the world making it the most expensive place to live. So, living in Dubai is not easy because you must spend carefully for all your needs. Regarding food, cooking on your own is better than staying on budget throughout the month. So, we have listed down some budget-friendly supermarkets in Dubai from where you can get everything at competitive rates.

Eating out is fancy until your pockets are full as you get your salary. But, when it comes to the end of the month, it’s like straining your wallets and skipping all the savings that might help you in a lot of things. Therefore it is better to go grocery shopping because that can help keep expenses low.

Budget-Friendly Supermarkets in Dubai

You can shop from any of these budget-friendly supermarkets in Dubai to improve your saving pattern. They can help you lower your expenses and increase your savings for better use in future.

Al Maya Market

Budget-friendly supermarkets in Dubai

Al Maya Group opened this supermarket in the 1970s in Ajman. In 1981, its head, Lachmandas Pagrani, expanded its merchandise by opening 18 branches in 18 months. The company specialises in providing various products like food, clothing, electronic appliances, and household items.

To this date, Al Maya Supermarket has around 30 branches in UAE and neighbouring countries. Customers can shop for everything under one roof at better rates than elsewhere.

Baqer Mohebi Supermart

Grocery shopping in UAE

Baqer Mohebi Enterprises started this venture in 1931 as the leading supermarket in UAE. It is expertly dealing in selling and marketing food and non-food items in UAE. Being in this business for so long, Baqer Mohebi is one of the best budget-friendly supermarkets in Dubai where you can purchase fresh food.

Customers can get a large variety of products in this supermarket in Dubai. It also sells pork for non-muslim members of the community.


Budget-friendly supermarkets in Dubai

Carrefour is a famous budget-friendly supermarket that offers a wide range of products for everyday needs. You can get groceries, electronic appliances, clothing, household essentials, personal care, and a lot from the top brands in the world.

It is located in various areas of Dubai and neighbouring states. You can get groceries under Carrefour’s brand name that come relatively cheaper than other brands.

Emirates Cooperative Society

Grocery shopping in UAE

Emirates Cooperative Society was established in 1994 and is categorised as the oldest supermarket in Dubai and UAE. It has multiple branches all over the region. Shoppers can find a wide variety of products from different brands. This supermarket offers regular promos for customers to get cheaper rates on their everyday essentials.

Geant Hypermarket

Budget-friendly supermarkets in Dubai

Geant Hypermarket has branches in famous spots of Dubai like Ibne Batuta, Jumeirah Park, and Remram. It offers a budget-friendly shopping experience for groceries, clothes, gadgets, accessories, and electronics.

Geant Hypermarket has a few stores in Dubai that are not accessible to everyone. But it provides an online shopping facility to order anything online.

Lulu Hypermarket

Budget-friendly supermarkets in Dubai

Lulu Hypermarket has stores scattered all over Dubai so customers do not have to drive far away to get groceries. It is one of the budget-friendly supermarkets in Dubai because of its daily deal, promotions, and discounts so the customers can get the products at the best prices.

Along with one-stop shopping, Lulu Hypermarket offers a delivery option on all items to help people save time.

Union Coop

Budget-friendly supermarkets in Dubai

Union Coop has many branches at famous spots in Dubai, like Jumeirah, Rashidiya, Satwa, and Umm Suqeim. It was established in 1985 with its first branch in Al-Satwa. Currently, this supermarket has 17 branches in Dubai.

The famous categories of products are electronics, kitchen and home appliances, grocery and food, baby, fashion, health and beauty, and much more.

West Zone Supermarket

Grocery shopping in UAE

West Zone supermarket was established in 2005 by West Zone Group in Dubai. It has a variety of products related to home and kitchen, beauty and health, groceries, and a lot more. Most of the products are from Filipino brands. Customers prefer it because of its fresh products and affordable prices.

VIVA Supermarket

Budget-friendly supermarkets in Dubai

VIVA Supermarket is the newest supermarket in Dubai that offers an exclusive range of products you might not find elsewhere. It has an extensive range of products from international brands chosen according to the demands of people in Dubai. It is becoming a successful chain of supermarkets in Dubai where the customers can get high quality and a large variety of exclusive products. You can also enjoy the cheapest rates than other chain stores.

Nesto Hypermarket

Budget-friendly supermarkets in Dubai

Nesto was established in 2004 with 79 hypermarkets in the Gulf region. It has become the fastest-growing supermarket in the area. The popularity is because of pocket-friendly shopping and a wide range of products.

For all the ex-pats working hard to earn their living in Dubai, grocery shopping from the above-mentioned budget-friendly supermarkets in Dubai can help a lot. So, be wise and start saving and spending on groceries rather than wasting money eating out.