Al Maya Supermarket Sharjah: Services, and Store Locations

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Al Maya Supermarket Sharjah

In the city’s bustling heart, Al Maya Supermarket Sharjah has become a trusted brand that has shaped countless memories of families. Welcome to Al Maya Supermarket Sharjah, where everything tells the story of trust and quality. Thus making it one of the best choices among the best supermarkets in Sharjah.

Since its inception in 1982, Al Maya Supermarket has been driven by a vision that stretches beyond the aisles of its stores. It’s about making ideas happen, even beyond your comfort zone. This innovative spirit has enabled Al Maya to grow and evolve, serving generations of shoppers.


  • Introduction
  • Al Maya’s Core Values and Mission
  • Expansion of Al Maya’s Network
  • Specialized Skills and Supply Chain Strength
  • Services of Al Maya Supermarkets
  • Diverse Product Categories at Al Maya
  • Store Locations in Sharjah
  • FAQ Section
  • Conclusion

Al Maya’s Core Values and Mission

Al Maya Supermarket Sharjah
At the heart of Al Maya are its four pillars: Respect, Integrity, Excellence, and Teamwork. These values are embedded deep within the brand’s DNA, shaping every interaction, whether it’s with business partners, communities, or its beloved customers. Al Maya’s mission is robust and straightforward: to enhance regional businesses. Their commitment to offering a broad product range, combined with unparalleled service, works towards improving the lifestyles of every consumer they serve.

Expansion of Al Maya’s Network

The journey of Al Maya is a testament to its commitment. With its roots in the UAE, the supermarket has expanded its presence across Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Qatar over the past two decades. Even more impressive is their 24-hour free home delivery service – a pioneering concept no other regional retailer can claim.

Specialized Skills and Supply Chain Strength

Al Maya takes pride in its unique ability to manage fresh categories, ensuring that the produce reaching you is of the finest quality. Their robust supply chain, which sources directly from countries of origin, provides freshness and authenticity. With global partnerships and sourcing offices in various port cities, Al Maya guarantees differentiated offerings, advocating better health standards for its patrons.

Services of Al Maya Supermarkets

Al Maya Supermarket Sharjah
The supermarket offers an array of services designed for today’s shoppers. From 24-hour home delivery, next-day delivery options, and international order facilities to Whatsapp offering updates – Al Maya goes the extra mile to make shopping a breeze.

Diverse Product Categories at Al Maya

From fresh food, electronics, and organic & bioproducts to their exclusive home brands like Maya’s and Maya’s Home Bakery, the product range is vast and curated to cater to diverse needs.

Store Locations in Sharjah

Among their strong network, two standout locations in Sharjah are the Al Maya Supermarket in Al Nahda and the Jesco Supermarket in Al Yarmook. These stores promise an unmatched shopping experience with a comprehensive product range.

FAQ Section

Q1: What makes Al Maya Supermarket stand out from other supermarkets?

Answer: Their legacy, 24-hour delivery, and vast product range set them apart.

Q2: Since when has Al Maya Supermarket been offering 24-hour home delivery?

Answer: They pioneered this concept and have been offering it since their early days.

Q3: How can I place an international order with Al Maya Supermarket?

Answer: You can use their “International Orders” service, ensuring you get what you need, wherever it’s sourced.

Q4: What are some of the exclusive home brands offered at Al Maya?

Answer: “Maya’s” and “Maya’s Home Bakery” are two exclusive brands they proudly host.

Q5: How many Al Maya stores exist in the UAE and Oman?

Answer: There’s a strong network of over fifty stores across these regions.


Al Maya Supermarket in Sharjah is not just a store; it’s an institution that promises quality, trust and a shopping experience like no other. When you shop at Al Maya, you become a part of their legacy. You will cherish the values of respect, integrity, excellence, and teamwork.