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Al Madina Hypermarket

In the heart of the UAE’s bustling retail landscape stands Al Madina Hypermarkets, a name synonymous with quality since 1971. What began as an earnest endeavor to offer unparalleled retail solutions has blossomed into a trusted brand that has been serving the diverse needs of the UAE community for over five decades. As the nation experienced rapid growth, Al Madina Hypermarket ensured that it matched pace, adapting, evolving, and setting benchmarks in the retail sector.


  • Introduction
  • The Al Madina Promise
  • Diverse Departments
  • Branch Highlights
  • FAQ Section
  • Conclusion

The Al Madina Promise

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The foundation of Al Madina’s success lies in its unwavering commitment to its customers. With a keen eye on the ever-changing market dynamics, the group has consistently prioritized offering the finest products, handpicked to ensure authenticity and quality. More than just a retail chain, Al Madina has positioned itself as a leader, setting high standards in operational efficiency, all while valuing its rich culture and dedicated workforce.

Diverse Departments to Cater Every Need

Al Madina Hypermarket

Stepping into Al Madina, one can immediately notice the organized layout, designed to make shopping a breeze. Here’s a breakdown of the Diverse Departments to Cater Every Need:

Fresh Vegetables and Fruits:

A haven for health enthusiasts, this department is a daily showcase of the freshest produce sourced both locally and globally.

Grocery and Butchery:

Whether it’s pantry staples or gourmet delights, the offerings are vast and varied. The butchery, on the other hand, ensures meat lovers have access to fresh cuts daily.


Packed shelves offer a plethora of dairy delights, ensuring customers find their preferred milk, cheese, or yogurt product with ease.


A reflection of the UAE’s diverse fashion palate, this section offers both traditional attire and contemporary wear.


Staying updated with the digital age, this section houses the latest gadgets, ensuring customers are always a step ahead.


For those looking to turn their house into a home, this department offers everything from decor essentials to everyday utilities.

Branch Highlights

Al Madina Hypermarket

Let’s find about the specific locations and features of each Al Madina branch near your location:

Al Madina Hypermarket – Rolla:

Nestled conveniently behind the renowned Mubarak Centre in Rolla, this hypermarket ensures that customers can shop at any hour with its 24/7 service.

Al Madina Hypermarket – Al Ghubaiba:

Strategically positioned near the New Gold Centre in Al Ghubaiba, the exact operational hours for this branch are currently under update but it’s always bustling with offerings.

Hilal Al Madina Supermarket – National Paints:

A stone’s throw away from the National Paints landmark on Maliha Road, this supermarket serves its patrons from the early hours of 7:00 am till midnight.

Hilal Al Madina Supermarket – Kalba Road:

Located prominently on the busy Maliha-Kalba Road stretch, customers can drop by from 8:00 am and shop till 11:00 pm.

Hilal Al Madina Supermarket – Fire Station Road:

Situated conveniently near the Taj Al Khair Restaurant on Fire Station Road, this branch is another one of Al Madina’s 24/7 operational marvels, ensuring you never have to check the time before planning a visit.

Hilal Al Madina General Trading:

Adjacent to the National Paints Building, this trading outlet operates from 9:00 am to a comfortable 11:00 pm, providing ample time for both early birds and night owls to shop.

Jenoub Al Madinah Supermarket:

Easily spotted on Maliha Road, nearby the Qasr Al Hira Restaurant, this supermarket extends its warm welcome from 8:00 am, winding up at 11:30 pm.

Azhar Al Madina Trading:

Located within the Khan Saheb Building on Third Industrial Street, this branch is at service from the wee hours at 7:00 am up until the stroke of midnight.

Shabab Al Madina Supermarket:

A preferred choice for many, thanks to its proximity to Al Nahda Park, this branch is open and ready for business round the clock, serving 24/7.

Each branch, with its strategic location and dedicated service hours, stands as a testament to Al Madina’s commitment to accessibility and customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Al Madina Hypermarkets’ operational hours?

Many branches operate 24/7, but it’s recommended to check specific branch timings.

How can I find a branch near me?

The ‘MAP & DIRECTIONS’ feature on the Al Madina website provides accurate locations.

How does Al Madina guarantee product quality?

Thanks to rigorous quality checks and valued partnerships with suppliers, Al Madina ensures only the best products reach its shelves.


As Al Madina Hypermarkets continues its journey, one thing remains evident: its unyielding commitment to excellence and its customers. With its vast offerings and dedication to quality, it is no wonder that the group has cemented its position as a preferred shopping destination in the UAE.